Thursday, November 17, 2005

still have the touch.....

dear monique*,

hi. it's duff. i know you remember me- we met this morning, when you came to my workplace to sell us listings in the talking phone book. (which reminds me- have you had that little talk with your coworker yet? someone's got to tell him that calling five times daily get's annoying after the first 6 hours. i mean, really....)

anyway, it's was nice chatting with you. i wondered why you asked so many persaonl questions about my background, since i wasn't the one placing the ad, but i assumed you were just a little nervous.

i had no idea.

i mean, sure, the boss had her suspicions, but i figured you were just being friendly. however, after you left, came back, and offered (three times, no less) to help carry the rather lightweight hunk of plywood i was hauling upstairs, it all became crystal clear.

sorry, monique, but though i am flattered, i still like boys.


*name may or may not have been changed. i think it was, in fact, monique, but quite frankly, i wasn't really paying very close attention.


Raven said...


i had a girl stalker once at work .. Michelle ... omg .. she used to send me flowers all the time .... she got so intense about it that i had to threaten to go to HR for sexual harassment. she stopped after that.


ltlme said...

was she cute?

duff said...

raven: well, at least you got flowers.

sibling: she was okay, i guess, but nothing i'd be tempted to switch teams for.

she was about your height, with short, curly brown hair. she was quite skinny, wearing a shirt with pinstriped black pants and clunky shoes. she was also a bit fidgety and asked too damned many questions.

is that your type? i'm sure i can send you a copy of her business card......

ltlme said...

eh, nah, that's okay.