Tuesday, November 22, 2005

high fives all around!

i'm combining something i swiped from the angry snail with something lbseahag tagged me with:

ten years ago: i was writing a humor column for the high school newspaper.

five years ago: i was working roughly 85 hours a week, between four jobs. my fridays started 8:30 am, and didn't end until i got home at about 6:30 am saturday morning.

one year ago: i was getting ready to go hiking in the grand canyon.

yesterday, i: decided to buy SO "office space" (with flair, no less) for our anniversary.

five snacks i enjoy:
1. nachos
2. andy capp's hot fries
3. muchies mix- preferably cheddar flavor...i'll pass on the pretzels, though.
4. apples and cheese
5. beef jerky

five songs to which i know all the words:
1. "take on me"- aha
2. "new moon on monday"- duran duran
3. "i want you"- savage garden
4. "hey jealousy"- gin blossoms
5. "talk dirty to me"- poison

five things i would do with $100 million:
1. travel- a lot
2. buy mama a house in spain
3. stuff most of it into savings/bonds/cds
4. buy an island in a tropical, hurricane-free location
5. purchase land adjacent to the family farm in wyoming

five places to run away:
1. barcelona
2. mama's house
3. disneyworld
4. the grand canyon
5. p.e.i.

five bad habits:
1. i swear like a truckdriver
2. i'm a picker. among other things, i've been messing with the dry skin on my lower lip all day.
3. i procrastinate
4. i spend way too much time playing around with blog-related stuff (my blogs, other people's blogs, and i have a mild obsession with my statcounter...)
5. i'm blunt.

five things i like doing:
1. reading
2. writing
3. 'rithmetic road trips
4. taking pictures- and not just the quick little snapshots that wind up on the photo blog
5. picking other people's brains

five things i would never wear:
1. stiletto heels
2. a girdle
3. anything that set me back over $150 (and at that price, they'd better be some damn fine sneakers/doc martens)
4. patent leather anything (though hot topic used to have some i coveted...but i'm not built quite right to pull off that look.)
5. hard rock cafe baltimore shirt (i just can't do it)

five favorite tv shows:
tv? who has time for tv?
1. the a team
2. law & order
3. my name is earl
4. alf
5. the monkees

five biggest joys in my life:
what kind of touchy-feely question is this? *cringes*

five favorite toys:
1. does my tennis racquet count?
2. darth tater (guess what i got yesterday..along with the "office space"?
3. how about games? i could give you a whole list of board games....muppet monopoly, scrabble, yahtzee, careers, 80s edition trivial pursuit
4. theodore, a teddy bear i've had since infancy
5. a stuffed piglet i've had since high school

let's see...who to tag? how about kal, raven, mossy, larry, sibling, minta, and my old roomie?

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