Sunday, November 06, 2005

what's it worth to you, buddy?


i'd written a brilliant post about money, slutty dolls, and lego videos, and then when i went looking for a new lego music video to link to, about fifteen error message windows popped up, and the computer spontaneously combusted.

okay, maybe i'm exaggerating a little, but only about the spontaneous combustion part- the computer just smoked a little bit, but that was taken care of with the cup of water i'm not supposed to have in the studio during my show.

this, alone, survived:

i had a good week financially, and since i'm in a monetary sort of mood, this little toy i found via penny's blog has amused me for the past half hour:

My blog is worth $36,130.56.
How much is your blog worth?

i went on to test out a few friends' blogs, realized that i'm not so virtually wealthy after all, and then moved on to *thinking* hold on- let me hit save, so i don't lose this again......
....that's better.

so anyway, speaking of things disappearing,

the slutty doll is missing. she left behind her box, spare clothes, and a bracelet. so, until she reappears, i'm afraid there won't be any more music video reenactments. sorry about that.


i just had a thought. (brace yourself!) what if she joined recondo's army?

no? not there? perhaps she's walking the streets of l.a..

you don't see her, either? is she hanging out with freud?

not there either? crap.

at this point, i fear the worst- she may have been flushed down the toilet by the demonic doll over at jurgen nation.

perhaps i should make some of those "have you seen me?" postcards to stuff in mailboxes around town, just in case.

this could take awhile, but rest assured, i'll be back (even if the slutty doll isn't)...............


ltlme said...

my blog still isn't worth much. but that's okay....i don't wanna top 20k anyway!!! lol.
btw, Freud has answered your question.

duff said...

frued's back? rock on!

oh, did you see- freud won an award.

just thinking said...

lol... great post... but I'm gonna worry about the missing doll now. sigh.

.: raven :. said...

lol you are worth way more than me .. i posted this about a week ago and i was only worth $14,000 or so ...


and i HATE when that happens re: computer and that has been happening to me a lot lately .... ugh

okay sorry about slutty doll ... she'll come back ... maybe she's off with Jude Law since he's kinda lonely these days ...

um ... i know i asked these questions a bit ago but i never checked back to find answers and i can't remember which post i asked them on so here i go again:

1. in previous slutty doll posts there were some photos of a fine man from your radio station .... i think i said he was hot and was he single and did he need a stalker?

2. is there a way for me to purchase Avon from you via a websir or something? i have some things i want to buy but don't know any avon reps where i am.

alrighty then .. my mission here is complete for a few hours.

duff said...

just thinking: you aren't the only one.

raven: have you checked recently? i think it changes based on incoming links....or something like that.

1. the fine man is pancho. he's always looking for stalkers, though most of his fans seem to be in their teens.

2. i've been thinking about that one lately.

as it stands right now, i don't have a website, as avon charges for those sorts of things. however, i need to look into fees and whatnot for these sorts of things.

in the meantime, however, i could order your items, and then ship them to you after they arrive at my doorstep, or something like that.....let me know what you think, and i'll try to remember to look into the website option this evening.

.: raven :. said...

my niece sells Mary Kay (bah!!!) and i don't know if they get their sites for free or not? maybe like $25 or something. anyway, we can discuss a cost effective way to achieve these transactions ... if we find a cheap way to ship that would be better for me!!!

as far as the "fine guy" .. that's not the one i was talking about. there was a handsome black guy in some of the slutty doll pictures .. not that the guy you pointed out isn't handsome ... but that's not the one i meant.


duff said...

ohhhh...timmy tim. i don't know if he's on his station's website.

i will look into it.

...after i try to work out what's up with digi, that is.

Motherdear said...

Yeah. That's a bummer. I'm poised with a razor over my wrist as I write this...

Is slutty doll a Bratz?? I hate them. Can't see why moms let their little girls play with something like that. Although I must admit that they're driving Barbie out of production, which will mean my vast collection will become more valuable. (It had better. The National Debt could be resolved with the sale of my Baribe collection!)

Let me know if you find out what happened to Digi!!! Think he was abducted by the same alien that got Steph / Gypsy????

And for the record, I will NOT let Freud get his paws or his cigar on you!

Jo said...

I'd say that your blog is worth 36,130.56 times more than mine is, but 36,130.56 x 0.00 is nothing... so I guess I'll just have to say that your blog is awesome...mine not so much!! Hahaha:)

Paul said...

I'm just sad this is the first time I'm hearing about the slutty doll and now that said slutty doll has gone missing and I never had time with the slutty doll, myself, I'm feeling like I missed out on the biggest thing since Pop Rocks.

duff said...

paul: click on the link to her music video'll ease the pain.

i missed out on pop rocks when i was younger. i tried them once in college (i didn't inhale, i swear!), and didn't get what the fuss was about.

if she returns, paul, you'll be the first to know, i promise.

jo: you came up with a grand total of $0? ouch.

don't feel bad, so did bodhi.

for the record, my photo blog was only worth about a thousand bucks. (then again, that's not a huge surprise....they're just snapshots, not serious pictures, which would have to be developed before they could be posted.)

1. why do your sons keep packing it in? first kal's overthrow, now digi's disappearance.....can't you threaten to ground them or something? take away their t.v. rights? make them scrub the toilet with their toothbrushes?

2. the bratz dolls scare me- mostly because they have no feet, just nubs.

3. i don't think he was abducted.....but something happened. i wonder if this means i'm still
a. his muse
b. a tossed salad dancer

4. i am flattered by the little crush he has on me. however, if he tries to put the moves on me at mama's this christmas, i may have to squish him like a bug.

.: raven :. said...

duff ~ as far as digi .. it's just another Citrus thing ... someone living a fake life on blogger .. making shit up as they go .. hooking everyone into the personna .. which then turns out to be fake ...

how can anyone be friends with that person .. you don't even know now if they are male .. female .. or what? i think that Mr. Underhill person is him too .. i used to read that blog a lot and now looking back both of them have a lot in common .... and acted a lot alike.

it's very disturbing that someone would go to that extent to perpetuate a LIE .... what is the point of this? i don't get it and never will ...

Mister Underhill said...

Well, if her toofbrush is gone I wonder worry o'ermuch.

She is a slut, after all.

Mister Underhill,
Your first wackotron