Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i so rock!

i don't have time for anything long, fun and frivolous, but i feel the need to point out just how much i rock.

with very little notice, i scored not only plane tickets for myself to denver on sunday (because little towns like lingle, wyoming, don't have airports), but also managed to get tickets for the flight out of atlanta (as well as the return flight from denver to atlanta) for my sibling as well.

you may now bow before me, but i'd advise against kissing my feet. i didn't wear socks today.

now, back to the massive avon order i need to total, bag, and scribble catalogs for so i can get my ducks in a row for this trip.


Joefish said...

Still ok if we anoint your feet with oils?

Labbie said...

Like muenster cheese... Or a really aged cheddar.

jamwall said...

that post was fun and frivolous and filled with frollicky fun!

Motherdear said...

You rock, duffster.

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