Wednesday, November 02, 2005

long time, no see.


my head's killing me, and i'm trying to do three things at once, and i've had lots of visitors lately, who just haven't seen me at my wittiest. so, i'll tell you what- let me finish adding up these orders, run a warm bubble bath, take a (slightly early, i hope) hnt picture for the photo blog, and perhaps after i finish posting it, i'll be able to think clearly enough to write something halfway entertaining.

in the meantime, something to ponder:
(write the first thing that comes to mind)

artichokes ::
kalani ::
bubbles ::
frustration ::
rod stewart ::

just a few random things floating around in my noggin.......


ltlme said...

artichokes: dinner (i just had one tonight)
kalani: ouch...oh....sorry i mistook that for colonic. nice blog.
bubbles: rubber duckie
frustration: psych. class
rod stewart: ew...ew....ew...ew...EW!!

Labbie said...

Artichokes: Old Elliot Ness story about "The King of the Artichokes". Seriously.
Bubbles: Of course, the HNT picture of you, thanks.
Frustration: Realizing it WAS NOT a boob. Or was it?!
Rod Stewart: White blazer with the sleeves rolled up.

Labbie said...

Kalani: ?

MamaKBear said...

artichokes: hearts
kalani: birthday
bubbles: bath
frustration: anger
Rod Stewart: Forever Young

jamwall said...

artichokes :: salad!!
kalani :: brico
bubbles :: tiny
frustration :: ANGER!!!! (i'm not really angry actually :)
rod stewart :: annoying.

Anonymous said...

exactly Duff, I want your usual posts again not those "you searched for what" things anymore.

Cheers! ;)