Monday, November 14, 2005

running hot and cold today

i think i need an icepack for my face.

(we'll get to that in a moment.)

first, let's start with an exciting announcement:

mossy stone was my 20,000th. (was it good for you, mossy?) i have yet to come up with a suitable prize, so i suppose this pat on the back will have to do.

also, on a somewhat related note, i knew i could count on the old fogies to recognize the moody blues. order of business....both blog jesus and freud are available to answer your burning questions. (freud needs questions of the "yes/no" variety, but blog jesus is far more flexible (those are the rumors, anyway.))

finally, since i'm up to my eyeballs in makeup orders, i am reminded to whine about the quirkiness of my skin. somehow, through a twist of fate genetics, my skin is both oily and sensitive. with the change of seasons down here in sc, i woke up this morning with both zits and bright pink, highly insulted skin. (yep- just in time for that centerfold spread they keep hounding me about.) if i apply stuff to stop the oiliness, i wind up looking like (i assume) the recipient of a bad peel. if i slather on moisturizer, the zits multiply. i cannot win.

however, mossy won....uh...well...the privilege of saying he was my 20,000th. (maybe we shouldn't spread that makes me sound a little slutty, don't you think?)


ltlme said...

well better for mossy than me. it would have been weird.

Labbie said...

And showcased on Playboy TV? Sorry. That was uncalled for.

ltlme said...

me thinks labbie has a blogger crush on you.

MamaKBear said...

Who you callin' an old fogie???


Joefish said...

Congrats on your 20,000th hit.

Add Ask Jenna to your list of question takers.

Mossy Stone said...

You're not're just...'popular'.

Rabbit said...

I have the same kind of skin. I hate it.

Motherdear said...

duff, have you considered that you might have rosacea? I have the same problem and got this neat cleanser that cleared it up in no time! If you're interested, let me know, I'll clue you in. (I'm sorry, it isn't Avon...)

duff said...

sibling: i agree. let's not speak of this again.

labbie: two words: cold shower :~)

sibling: i know someone else with a bigger one, but i'm not naming any names

mamakbear: stop threatening me with that cane!

joefish: as in jameson? that might actually be kinda cool.....

mossy: i've never really been "popular"- in either respect......though i know a lot of chicks who were.

rabbit: i knew i liked you for a reason.

motherdear: thanks for the suggestions, but i'll pass. my skin's just cranky right now...i assume it'll shape up once we're fully into winter.

my stalker in kansas city: don't think i don't see you. one day, i might even figure out who you are.