Saturday, November 19, 2005

me, volume two

101. i semiseriously collect coins.
102. i'm a stick-shift kind of girl.
103. in fact, much as i hate to admit it, i consider stick shift/automatic a factor when deciding whether or not to date someone.
104. i get a little snobby about shoes, too....and no, that does not mean i look for the expensive, grown-up ones.
105. i like to cook.
106. no, really. in fact, i'll go on cooking binges if i know i won't be home for the next few evenings, due to babysitting/work/my stint with the pussycat dolls.
107. i was just kidding about that last part.....though a girl can dream, can't she?
108. actually, i'm probably a little too "girl next door" for the dolls. (at least i think so, anyway.)
109. remember that movie "never been kissed"? i'd love to go back to high school and actually get asked to the prom.....
110. i'm not ashamed to admit to being a damned liberal.
111. i've broken exactly one bone in my body......and earlier that day, i was involved in a conversation about broken bones....i was the only person who'd never had any.
112. the guy who took care of my root canal grew up with mama....which i didn't know until i mentioned his name to her later.
113. the first time i ever called a radio station to request a song was during whfs' (r.i.p.) "menage a trois" weekend when i was thirteen.
114. i looked up "menage a trois" in the said "house of three".
115. i didn't know about the other meaning until much later. (no, not from experience- so no need for therapy, family members.)
116. i told the dj i wanted to hear three songs from either the red hot chili peppers, or jane's addiction- he could pick.
117. i still have the tape i recorded the request, i can't share it with you, as this was in my pre-duff days.
118. i constantly have cold hands, except in the middle of summer.
119. sometimes i try to warm them up on SO's stomach, which usually leads to shrieking...not by me.
120. i love saying "guacamole" almost as much as i love eating it.
121. i love eating chips, too...but i'm a little odd. i lick the seasonings off first, then eat the chip itself.
122. i also have weird little ways of eating spaghetti-o's (meatballs last) and pickles (too long to describe here).
123. my favorite color is my eyes.
124. when asked about it, though, i'll usually claim "plaid"
125. i never took those random surveys seriously in high school.
126. i'd have no problem whatsoever going to a nude beach. (SO is a different matter)
127. i'm a cancer like mama.
128. i love the ocean (except sharks and jellyfish), but am not confident enough in my swimming abilities to swim around much. i tend to wade out and jump around as the waves come in.
129. i'm glad i never had to take swimming lessons when i was younger- i don't like putting my face in the water, because i get water in my eyes and i'm scared of inhaling a bunch of water and drowning.
130. consequently, i still hold my nose anytime i'm underwater.
131. i don't really care how dumb that looks.
132. i love fondue, though i know i consume multiple thousand calories every time i go to the melting pot.
133. i don't count calories.
134. i sold shoes for five years.
135. i taught preschool for five years.
136. this coming january will be my seventh anniversary in radio.
137. in college, i had my own 5-hour retro show.i brought in my own cds, and played some of the records from the station's music library.
138. before that, i had no clue how to play a certain track on a record. (to this day, most of my friends have no idea.)
139. i'll take a comforter over flat sheets any day- even in the middle of summer
140. i can't sleep if i'm wearing socks
141. i haven't cut my hair in nearly two years.
142. it hasn't been dyed in a year and a half.
143. i have never suffered through titanic.
144. i carried one of mama's old grey purses evry day of fifth grade.
145. i have not carried a purse since....nor will i anytime soon.
146. i really miss ecto-cooler flavor hi-c
147. i call just about everyone "dude".
148. sometimes i really miss going out to bars/clubs.
149. i don't miss the smoke, and since i don't really drink, i don't miss dealing with drunk people, either.
150. my favorite book is the little prince.
151. i wish i'd paid a little more attention in french class, though i suppose i have what's called a "reading french".
152. i took spanish in college, but it gets scrambled with my french, and i'm sure i wind up sounding like an idiot.
153. i can still do the electric slide.
154. i am a terrible excellent procrastinator.
155. i'm not used to attention from guys. consequently, i'm never quite sure how to take it.
156. i like to quote 80s songs, and then see if anyone gets it.
157. i consider myself a pretty outdoorsy person.
158. i like being short.
159. i'm somewhat short-tempered, too.
160. i throw things when frustrated.
161. that's one of the reasons why i used to play tennis.
162. unless i have to share the juice, i drink from the carton.
163. i double dip when alone, too. (triple, if the dip's really good)
164. i grow cacti, because they're hard for me to kill.
165. i wander when talking on the phone.
166. i've lived in five different states.
167. i've visited all but eight.
168. i'm not sure how it happens, but i seem to attract lesbians.
169. yet a certain lesbian i know seems to attract all the guys.
170. i can't stand nirvana.
171. my second-biggest driving pet peeve: people who can't be bothered to signal. (i may be a little fast, but at least i let you know where i'm going.)
172. i rarely paint my fingernails, but my toenails are always polished.
173. i took all of my finals in college while wearing pajamas or boxers, and wore slippers to about half of them, as well.
174. my holiday card list is absolutely huge...but i like it that way.
175. i'm usually a few minutes late.
176. i didn't used to be, but i think SO has rubbed off on me a little.
177. my car has always been hand-washed.
178. i really hate the waxing part, though.
179. in fact, i tend to mumble "wax on, wax off", the entire time i'm doing it.
180. i don't think i've been photogenic since maybe high school/early college.
181. i firmly believe that canadians have far better potato chip flavors than we have here in the u.s.
182. i wrote a humor column in my high school newspaper.
183. i took my first photography class because not one, but two boys i liked were also taking it.
184. i prefer black and white over color.
185. except for photos taken in the grand canyon...i have a couple of rolls i wish i'd done in color instead.
186. i prefer low rise jeans- anything else makes my bellybutton claustrophobic.
187. i wonder on a daily basis when lindsay lohan's fifteen minutes of fame will be up.
188. i'm not so sure i would have moved to the south had i known about palmetto bugs and fire ants.
189. unless i stop to do the math, i still think daddy's 50, mama's 45, and sibling's about 18.
190. along those same lines, when asked how old i am, i have to stop myself from saying "23" and actually figure it out.
191. i joined a bunch of clubs in high school so i'd have a whole row of numbers next to my name in the back of the yearbook.
192. i wonder if that'll convince anyone that i was popular, though i claim not to care.
193. there are several movies i haven't seen because i'd like to read the books first.
194. i'm not a big fan of ice cream, but if you buy me ben & jerry's half baked with cookie dough and fudge brownies, i'll happily follow you anywhere.
195. i love road trips.
196. i'll admit it- i probably work too damn much. however, i want to be rich one day, and
197. i'll never marry someone for their money. i'd much rather earn it myself.
198. i have a hard time remembering to "sit like a girl" when wearing dresses or skirts.
199. one of my biggest regrets is sticking my entire collection of garbage pail kids onto notebook paper when i was younger. i wish i'd been smart, like sibling, and kept them intact.
200. i find it a lot easier to answer questions than to ask them.


Raven said...

102. me too!
110. me either
120. EWWWWWW!!
128. me too and i love to swim.
133. b****h!!!
140. me either
142. mine ~ (right now actually)
147. me too!
148. me too!!
153. i never could.
171. exactly!!
184. me too!
187. roflmao!!!!
190. me too .. except i say 32 .. and then remember
194. that is my FAVORITE!!
200. me too!

from your two lists it seems we have a lot in common ... very cool!

MamaKBear said...

I lick the seasoning off of Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion chips first then eat the chips...Can't sleep with socks on...don't carry a purse...hate it when people don't use turn signals...LOVE guacomole (unless there's lemon juice in it, that just kills the avocado flavor)...taught preschool for 3 years.

We've got quite a bit in common!

ltlme said...

168-169) wires got crossed on that one.

bricotrout said...

but... jeep grande cherokees (my ride) dont come in stick shift!!! it has a cool second lever with 3 types of 4 wheel mode though. does THAT count? pleeeeeaaaaaasssseeee!
*takes out little book and waits anxiously*