Wednesday, November 23, 2005

so much to do, so little to say.....

ever have so much on your mind that you wind up staring at the screen, trying to figure out whether to get it all out, or simply click the little "x" in the top right corner and call it a night?

i am so there right now.

before i leave for kansas city tomorrow morning, there's laundry to be done.

so far, it looks like i need to see about a dark load, a red load, and a third load consisting of my warmest bras (gel filled- i once badmouthed women who wore them- flet it was cheating- i have since seen the light, especially since those little suckers warm up to body temperature...which means not only do i look busty, but i can wear a relatively thin t-shirt in winter and not be accused of impersonating loni anderson), and a few other "delicates" for future use here at home.

before i leave for kansas city in the morning, there's clothing to be packed.

it's supposed to reach 68 degrees here in south carolina. at last check, the high in kansas city is predicted to be about 25 degrees less. this means several things:

1. i should have saved the "sweater boobs" for this week's hnt (which, by the way, will be posted...somewhere. just haven't figured out where yet. if you don't find it here, try photos, which i'll be updating while the laundry does its thing)

2. t-shirts: out, wool sweaters: in

3. i might actually get to see some snow before christmas. (rain is more likely, though)

4. no more slacking on the purchase of new/un-holy jeans. point me toward the nearest polo display, please.

5. where's my baby blue down jacket? i sincerely hope i didn't leave it up in maine last christmas.

before i leave for kansas city in the morning, there's avon to be ordered.

not finalized, mind you, but i would like to get most of the order taken care of so i don't have to worry about it tomorrow night, when i'd much rather be ice skating (aka "landing repeatedly on my butt while everyone else glides around crown center gracefully").

before i leave for kansas city in the morning, there's a long list of items to be located/packed.

*bodhi- check
*girl gnome i'm kidnapping (with permission)- check
*new gnome for jamie, whose last gnome is still lost in afghanistan- check
*cameras- check
*contacts- check
*glasses, in case my contacts are feeling uncooperative and i need to use my good camera- check
*national park passport, just in case i have time to travel- check
*blank birthday cards for the september-november birthdays i've missed- check
*journal, so i can begin construction always-hilarious christmas letter on the airplane- check

and a whole bunch of other stuff i'd better write down as i think of it, so i won't wind up stranded without deodorant, toothbrush, or bail money.

before i leave for kansas city in the morning, there are pictures to be uploaded.

i know, i know- i'm way behind on photos. i'll try to get that taken care of in the next four hours or so.

(besides, i'm sure i'll have some exciting kansas city photos to share with you- perhaps even while i'm gone.)

finally, something even i can't make a smartass comment about:

before i leave for kansas city in the morning, i have to prepare myself to see a grandparent in a very vulnerable state.

that is going to be the toughest part......


bricotrout said...

duff, i dont think were in kansas anymore (yet?) whatever. thanks for the gatekeeping champ! email me!

Osbasso said...

Have a safe trip! And enjoy the weekend!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Labbie said...

Hey, bring me something back... No, wait. It's Kansas. Nevermind. :p Happy Thanksgiving!

jamwall said...

happy turkey day duff!

LBseahag said...

Happy Thanksgiving, duff

.: raven :. said...

i hope that your trip goes well ... don't know if you got to see snow . we did not. not sure what's going on with your grandparent .. but i hope all is okay ....

happy thanksgiving girl.