Monday, November 28, 2005

i think, therefore i am

fifteen random thoughts

1. i think i figured out the main reason why i love taco john's so much: their shells are crispy, but not too thick. (i had two today.)
2. i bet those snow/leaf photos i took are going to look really cool, especially the ones i took with the pentax.
3. i wonder if the x-ray machines in the airport fried the 800-speed film i didn't realize was in the bottom of my camera bag until yesterday.
4. wait a minute- i saw the eighth edition of the billboard book of top 40 hits. i have the sixth edition at come no one told me about the updates?
5. owwwww!!!! note to self: next time, let the hot chocolate cool a little longer.
6. i wonder if there will be enough snow for me to play in tomorrow.
7. why don't more 27 year olds play in the snow?
8. i forgot to call a handful of people i meant to get together with during this visit, but if i told them how i've been spending most of my time, i think they'd understand.
9. crap! christmas letter! i really need to do something about that.
10. did grandpa recognize me today?
11. i wonder who those people were in the old photos in his apartment.
12. man, this is one nice-looking little computer....and i really should be working on that christmas letter.
13. i need to brush up on my french.
14. i need to go brush my teeth.
15. where am i going to find the photos needed for a suitable birthday tribute to my sibling?

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