Monday, November 07, 2005

everything you ever wanted to know about me*

*but were afraid to ask.

1. of all the haircolors i've had, i've loved purple the best
2. however, the green i had for my college graduation was pretty cool, too.
3. my hair has also been blue, red, orange, and pink (that last one was by accident.)
4. my favorite college professor once commented that i should match my writing utensil to my hair.
5. i was blonde at the time, so i took the next test with a yellow highlighter while wearing my tennis ball airwalk shoes. (no points were deducted.)
6. i wore those same shoes at my graduation- just as an inside joke between the two of us.
7. speaking of graduation, i earned a degree from each of my university's three colleges. at graduation, we were supposed to stand when our college was called. i regret not standing up for all three.
8. unless i'm writing something for some sort of professional use, chances are good that there won't be any capital letters.
9. when i sign my name, i don't use capitals either. (unless it's my legal name, on legal paper work....which i try to avoid.)
10. yes, i've heard of e.e. cummings.
11. a college professor i had a bad crush on gave me a volume of cummings' poetry as a college graduation gift.
12. my boyfriend at the time gave me....nothing.
13. i rationalized it by saying it was because he was broke, but now i think something- even just a card would have been nice.
14. my favorite cummings poem? "may i feel said he"
15. oh, and that boyfriend? he was the grad assistant who taught my chemistry lab. (we didn't start seeing each other as anything more than friends until well after that course was over.)
16. he was the first guy to tell me he loved me.
17. my response? i burst into tears.
18. i haven't heard from him for several months now, which worries me, because the last i'd heard, he had passed the 30-month mark in his wait for healthy kidneys. (i'd be devastated to google him and find something terrible had happened.)
19. my favorite features are my eyes and calves.
20. i'm working on adding my stomach to the list, but i hate crunches.
21. one of the few things i remember from high school biology is that blue eyes are caused by a recessive gene. two brown-eyed parents can have a blue-eyed baby, but not the other way around.
22. i sing along in the car....sometimes even when i can't stand/don't really know the song.
23. i'll sing in a bad british accent, whether it's necessary or not.
24. i've never been asked to a dance, including prom. in fact, i spent the night of my senior prom at mama's house, while my freshman sibling not only went to that dance, but was allowed to stay out later than my curfew.
25. i've been to the bottom of the grand canyon.
26. i've been to the top of the eiffel tower. (it was okay, but i was more excited about jim morrison's grave.)
27. "the haunted mansion" is my favorite ride, anywhere.
28. i thought college was going to be a combination of real genius, pcu, and threesome.
29. predictably, i was a little disappointed that neither val kilmer nor stephen baldwin ever wandered out of my closet....and jeremy piven sure as heck never invited me to any of his parties.
30. speaking of val kilmer, not only has he been my favorite actor for the past 17 years, but there's also a clause in my relationship (known as "the val kilmer clause"), that states that, should he ever ask, i am allowed to get naked spend "quality time" with him.
31. in exchange, SO can run off with sheryl crow, denise richards, or shannon elizabeth.
32. should val ever actually show up at my door, i'd probably be too petrified to talk, let alone say something intelligent and witty that might make him say, "hey- you're fantastic. i must have you now."
33. i have about 20 swatches- probably about half of them need some sort of repair.
34. when i first got my crown, i was horrified by the notion that it might fall out while i was talking, and there i'd be, missing a front tooth.
35. when it happened, it wasn't nearly that traumatic. in fact, i was missing a front tooth for about a month before i did anything about it.
36. when i had two permanant teeth pulled before getting braces, i cried...not because it hurt, but because i don't like losing perfectly good body parts.
37. as far as cancer's concerned, i seem to be genetically f*cked. this bothers me more than you realize, though i joke that if i lose my boobs, i'll get Cs.
38. we weren't allowed to run around barefoot outdoors when we were little, which is why i do now....which is probably why the fire ants attack me so frequently.
39. i am selectively ticklish (who isn't?)
40. i'll kick you if you tickle my feet. (seriously- so, like, don't.)
41. i have never macarena'd.
42. i wrote an underground 'zine in high school. occasionally, i contemplate starting it up again, but let's face it- i have no time. (besides, the next time i write something major, i want it to be my first book.)
43. i was voted "female class clown" my senior year of high school. i still hold that one pretty high on my list of achievements.
44. most of my serious crushes have been on guys who play soccer.
45. just typing that makes me a little weak in the knees.
46. i'll take diamond dave over sammy any day.
47. i wanted to be a stand-up comedian, but that whole "getting up in front of a crowd" thing is a bit of a deterrent. (besides, i'm terrible with rejection, though you'd think i'd be used to that sort of thing by now....)
48. both of my parents were in the military, as well as my sibling.
49. i had to pass on that one- i have issues with authority.
50. i think led zep's overrated.
51. when i was younger, i was going to grow up to marry greg louganis.
52. george michael was also pretty high up on my list.
53. speaking of george, the only time i've ever actually eaten at a hard rock cafe was during a trip to france in high school. i sat right under his jacket from the "faith" video.
54. i collect shirts and teddy bears from hard rock cafes- except for one. i will not set foot in the baltimore hard rock, because i miss the days when the power plant was an amusement attraction, and i'm stubborn like that.
55. i remember where i was when i found out michael hutchence died.
56. i remember how i found out about princess diana, that same year. i thought my boss was joking.
57. i also thought that boss was pretty hot....and i'll admit that every now and then i google him to see if he comes up. (nope.)
58. i wear makeup once a year, at the most, yet i sell it regularly.
59. i like labor-intensive foods- artichokes, crabs, and pomegranates. i figure if you want something decent, you have to be willing to work for it. (and yes, that applies to more than just food.)
60. i have a dozen postcards i could send to post secret...but i'm not going to do it.
61. in high school, my dad and i played a game of tennis, and he screwed up his knee pretty badly. we weren't on the best of terms at the time, and i believe i laughed....that was a pretty bitchy thing to do, and i feel badly about it.
62. aside from joey galford trying to kiss me on the bus in first grade, i didn't actually get my first kiss until i was fifteen.
63. first everything else came long after that.
65. when we were younger, we watched reruns of the monkees on tv. davy jones (sibling's favorite) has a book out around that time, and appeared at our local mall. i stayed home all day in my bedroom, because i was scared to death of meeting him and refused to go.
66. which reminds me- mickey dolenz is still my favorite monkee, because
67. i tend to go for goofy guys.
68. in fact, i'll take an average looking guy with a good personality over someone who's drop dead gorgeous any day.
69. ....unless it's val kilmer, though i have no idea what his personality is like, quite frankly.
70. i like digital pictures for blogging purposes, but prefer film for everything else.
71. 75% of my favorite teachers/professors have taught history or social studies
72. i tend to associate songs/music groups with boyfriends. in high school, there was "hurt", by nine inch nails (i still think of him whenever i hear NIN), and in college, there was a john denver fanatic, as well as some sort of relationship with a tool fan, and i can't help but associate a certain impolite prince song with one (who, come to think of it, was a bit impolite himself), as well at "next" by too close with one who also reminded me of a twenty-something cabbage patch kid. here in south carolina, there's been one who brings the eels to mind (interestingly enough, one of the reasons he dumped me was for my "bad taste in music"), as well as one who makes me think of "the promise", by when in rome, simply because i like it, he doesn't, and a phone call about it at 4 a.m. one morning led to where we are today.
73. sometimes, i'm a little verbose.
74. i like to travel- a lot. in fact, the master plan is to get rich enough that i can travel instead of working all the time.
75. favorite places i've been in the last five years: barcelona, the grand canyon, prince edward island
76. places i want to go: australia (since i was pretty little), bermuda, belize
77. i get insulted when people call me a "grown-up", "woman", or "adult". i'm too young to be any of those. instead, just consider me a "big kid".
78. in fact, you know that saying: "growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional"? that's me, baby.
79. i still get a kick out of making snow angels, sledding, and attempting to make igloos.
80. my biggest reason for teaching preschool was having the ability to make messes.
81. i can still make messes while babysitting, so i suppose my creative needs are still being met.
82. nothing irritates me more than slow drivers in the fast lane. (yes, i swear at them.)
83. i've never been a "girly girl".
84. if you meet me in person, i probably won't say much to you right away. it's not because i'm stuck up- i'm actually a bit shy and it takes me a while to get used to new people.
85. yes, it's possible to be a shy dj. in front of a microphone, i'm fine. in front of a crowd of people, i am not.
86. i sing in the shower, but only if i'm home alone.
87. come to think of it, my dad called me a few unflattering names in high school (did i mention we didn't exactly get along?), which is part of why i didn't feel bad about #61 at the time.
88. yes, we get along a lot better now that i'm 1000 miles away.
89. i've collected absolut vodka ads for the past twelve years. there are still quite a few i'd love to get my hands on.
90. i'm only allergic to stuff i wouldn't want to eat anyway.
91. i have always liked trains, and can't let one go by without counting the cars.
92. i know several sesame street songs by heart.
93. i know even more 80s songs by heart.
94. i've seen 4 out of 5 of my favorite bands twice each: inxs, duran duran (the recent tours of the original lineup, of course), depeche mode, and the cult.
95. i've only seen U2 once, but one of these days i hope to be able to remedy that situation.
96. the new kids on the block played in baltimore on my birthday one year- i was pissed that i couldn't go.
97. jordan was my favorite, jon was sibling's. (however, since she really has no use for him, i'll adopt him as my own, as well.)
98. during my new kids phase, i was into hair bands, too. (i still am.)
99. i saw poison and cinderella in concert the same day i got my tattoo, five years ago last june. (slaughter also played, but we missed them. dammit.)
100. i had a really hard time keeping this list to only 100 items.


mama said...

So much for genetics. Lucy Baines Johnson is brown-eyed but both LBJ and Lady Bird were blue-eyed. It bothered her enough to once comment on it to reporters.

.: raven :. said...

i agree with: 8, 9, 10, 22, 42, 47, 50

26 (i've not been there but i would too)
44 Marcella Balboa
46 Ewwwww!!
52 i also have gaydar issues cuz me too
56 me too!
69 very high maintenance
72 me too!

Dirk the Feeble said...

You only think Zepplin is overrated because they get played on the radio too much.

Oswald Croll said...

Duff - wanna dance?
You may now cross of # 24.

Jess said...

The fact that you refrenced Threesome makes you the coolest person ever. Although I saw it in middle school, it made it's rounds at almost every high school party I attended. It was crack to those of us not popular enough to be running with the crowd that could afford the real thing.

Madge said...

I have skimmed your list out of order. I started at the beginning, of course, but then I got all wiggedy-wack and jumped around.

Incredible list!

I too watched the Monkees religiously with my older sister during our youth. Who would have thought that, one day, I'd ring up Peter Tork at the Gap (late 90's)?! He was very cordial. I still remember his purchase: 2 pair of black jeans - very musician. When this happened, I blushed hardcore.

Mickey?! You're killing me, Duffster.

duff said...

mama: i would have tracked down the milkman to check out his eyes...

raven: val's high maintenance?

i'll find a way to work around that.

armaedes: when i worked at the classic rock station, i refused to play "stairway to heaven". i switch the station if it comes on the radio, and i fast forward through that part in wayne's world.

and they're is nirvana.

oswald: a dance....though you've taken care of #105 for me.

jess: the coolest person ever? sweet. could you do me a favor and tell everyone that at my high school reunion next year? thanks.

madge: i would have frozen up completely.

and yes, mickey....refer back to #67.

Labbie said...

So you're going to give me the heads up when you're coming up this way so I can be "caught" playing soccer on the national mall on a saturday morning, right?

ltlme said...
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@ndre@ said...

i would love to steal the structure of your list because of the points you made, moreso because they bring me to thinking about some hilarious points about myself. but i don't know how to do it without feeling completely unoriginal. and then i was thinking, if it were me, i wouldn't feel like i was robbed if someone did that, but more entertained by the comparison of myself and a complete stranger. huh.

just thinking said...

I sing in the car all the time... and totally associate music with relationships.. :D

duff said...

labbie: i might even get there before freaking midnight next time.

@ndre@: puh-leeze...i swiped it from multiple other people. i'd love to see what you do with it, so be my guest.

just thinking: it's nice to know i'm not the only one.

Kristi said...

Number 58, what do you sell?

I can totally relate to the references to your Father.

I saw the New Kids on the Block at the local amusement park in Shakopee, MN (Valley Fair) way long ago. I was in love!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, now that was a long post!

Oswald Croll said...

Wow, I am almost afrain to ask what #105 is

Rabbit said...

I can't believe you so easily came up with 100 things. I was pained to think of that many facts about me.

duff said...

kristi: believe it or not (and most people wouldn't), i'm an avon lady.

kunstemaecker: yep....and not a single reference to statcounter or weird searches, either :~P

oswald croll: despite the fact that i'm not a raging bitch and lack any grotesque deformities, i can't recall ever being asked to dance.

rabbit: i spent about a wekk scribbling down random things while in the car before posting.

Dad said...

Re: #61 - had the shoe been on the other foot, I would have laughed. It wasn't bitchy, just a normal human reaction. Now, if you were secretly pleased by it, then you can feel a small twinge of guilt, but not too much. I'm the idiot who went after the ball when I shouldn't have.

Re: #87 - I don't recall calling you any unflattering names, but if we need to, let's handle that offline.

I still love you, even though I am reminded of that tennis game every time I walk. At least you know I think of you often.

Other: You got a message from Mama?? I thought she swore to never go near email or anything like it?

ltlme said...

um to the this going to be like a dr. phil thing? cuz I SO want to be in the audience!!!!!!!!!