Monday, October 31, 2005

only 2 1/2 hours left.....

you know, were i at home, i could pop in the crow, and finish it before november 1st.

but i'm not.

so, instead, i'm pounding out the post i promised you this morning- in between pop-ups about the eminent demise of this computer, as it is living dangerously and having unprotected cybersex and probably already has about twelve internet stds.

make that thirteen.

halloween was blissfully calm this year. i mean, sure, i'm always up for a bit of mischief, but this year, i limited it to playing "the time warp" around midnight. (i was on from midnight-2 a.m. this morning.)

last year was a different story, for a couple of reasons:

reason the first: this is the only state i've lived in where halloween landing on a sunday sends folks into a tizzy. i thought missouri was the buckle of the bible belt, but oh-ho-ho, was i wrong. (i was too caught up in the whole "two hours from the mountains, two hours from the beach" thing to notice that south carolina makes missouri look like a bastian of atheism.)i clearly recall the phones being lit up that entire weekend, as folks sorted out whether or not to "hand sunday evening over to the devil". as a result, some counties held trick-or-treating on saturday, and the rest did it on halloween. (why didn't this ever happen when i was a kid? twice the time spent in a costume, twice the candy, twice the suger high....)
believe it or not, there were a few phone calls at the station this past weekend. i tried my hardest not to laugh at the folks who wondered whether kids would trick or treat on saturday or this evening. (a school night thing, maybe?)

*snickering* i can't leave the state yet- just think of all the book-worthy material i'm picking up out here. i need to start writing this stuff down somewhere.

anyway, where was i? oh yes,

reason the second: last year, at the old job, i actually got in trouble for giving my kids toys instead of candy.

(add that to the list with getting in trouble over a tankini, despite the fact that i am not a large girl, and the time i got in trouble for truthfully answering a question about my belief in god (or lack thereof), and maybe you'll begin to understand why i'm not entirely heartbroken over no longer having to drag myself to that workplace.)

but i digress again.

finally, reason the third: i don't know whether or not they produced them this year, but last year brought the introduction (as far as i know, anyway) of those inside-out reese's peanut butter cups. you know- the ones with the chocolate on the inside, and the peanut butter on the outside? while they may have seemed like a good idea at the time, for me personally, they didn't work out so very well.

remember that ad campaign where the tagline was something like "there's no wrong way to eat a reese's"? the print ad that comes to mind shows a poor, innocent peanut butter cup with two fang marks. (there was a whole series of ads, but that's the one that sticks out......)

anyway, reese's peanut butter cups are on the short list of foods i eat in odd ways, along with pickles, spaghetti o's, and doritoes. i gnaw off the edges, pry off the top and bottom chocolate circles, and then eat the peanut butter last. sadly, this did not work out well with the inside-out peanut butter cups, as the peanut butter is softer and not easily pried-off.

i'm guessing other folks had the same problem, as i haven't seen any of the inside-out reese's peanut butter cups recently.

sadly, i cannot say the same thing about these freaking popups.


ltlme said...

you still eat them in a special way?

Labbie said...

Oh, I like my reeses peanut butter cups like I like my women...

Anonymous said...

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