Tuesday, October 25, 2005

you searched for what??? (part eleven)

yes, readers, it's time once again to consult statcounter and share with you another piles of the oddest searches that'll bring you here......

mmmm poutine

predictably, this was a canadian search.
less predictably, i came up second- beaten by some blogger preaching the glories of quebecois poutine, which i have yet to try.

jenna cokehead

hmmm...i know several jennas, but as far as i know, there aren't any cokeheads in the bunch.

foolproof band pictures

i'm the seventh result for this search, yet somehow i doubt this surfer found what they needed here.

Mysterio blogspot

see that, nathan? someone used me to find you....or is it the other way around. either way, i'm honored to be part of it all.

ghetto hoochies

you do not want to know what most of the other results consisted of, but let's just say it appears this was the only option without some sort of charge on your credit card.

speaking of hoochies, i'm number 12 for tawny kitean nude.

(however, had i spelled her name properly in my post, i wouldn't even come up, as there are an awful lot of "adult" results that would drown our my poor little blog.)

on a more pg-rated note, i've moved up to number 6 on google for SUMO WEDGIE

keith haring messenger bag- barking dog

first, the good news: i'm the top result for this search.
then, the bad news: i don't know if my fellow keith haring fans have heard about this, but it seems the pop shop has closed its doors.

dammit- now where will i do my christmas shopping?

schmidt's gay

once again, i have jamwall to blame for this one.

mr. T's last name

this search has been popular lately...so i'll give in and tell you.

mr. t's real name is....

....check this out while i dig up the proper spelling of his last name, ok?

......laurence tureaud

there- you finally got it out of me. i hope you're happy now.

what was michael hutchence favorite drink

i'm pleased to report i'm the third result for this search- and the top result without "michael hutchence" in my url.

unfortunately, i don't know the answer.

speaking of drinking,according to statcounter, i recently came up as a result for

cure for drunk hiccups. (i scrolled and scrolled, but couldn't find myself. however, statcounter wouldn't lie to me.....would it?)

so, you're drunk and hiccupping, yet able to type coherently?


i can't type coherently sober half the time.

how cAn you tell a jammed toe from a broken toe

sorry, buddy- i'm not quite sure either. i thought my toe was merely jammed, yet there's still a dull ache. so, when you find out the difference, drop me a line....especially since i don't see myself heading to the doctor in the immediate future.

however, i do need to head off to work.


just thinking said...

Mr. T's last name ? ? ? ? ?

mister mysterio said...

damn it. the whole reason for picking an alterego is to avoid being discovered. but i guess with your website drawing people to me being also the website leading people to look for ghetto hoochies, you, duff, have bigger problems than i do.

ps how...how do you find the time to read all these blogs?! ive had to narrow it down to a few that i regularly check up on and that's all i have time for. believe me, if there were awards for these things, you would definately be in the running for most comprehensive and that rabbit girl would be up there for best wit.


Miller'sMind said...

That's funny stuff.

Joe said...

I thought Mr. T's last name was T. Thus the name, Mr. T. All this time it has been Mr. Tereaud. How about that? Is calling him Mr. T kinda like using the Tu form instead of the Usted form?

mister mysterio said...

duff, you have to check this link out:


you'll be pleased to know your blog is worth $30,485.16 and counting

freewriter said...

you could use a little fat on ya girlie! and a poutine'll do that.

Labbie said...

Hmmm.. Tureaud? Interesting. It's official, BTW, I know waaaay to much stuff that's useless to me or society.

Stef said...

Pardon my ignorance, but WTF is poutine?

I could probably find out the difference between a jammed toe and a broken one, but I don't want to call Dr. Brother in Law and ask. WebMD would be a good place to start, in case that person searches for that again and lands on your blog.