Friday, October 28, 2005

elvira? no, really.

this morning's workout buddies: the b-52s.
yesterday's pick: arcade (it's okay, i don't think you've heard of them, either.)

i'm allowing myself an hour tonight to play with less, because i want to work on one of those "100 things" lists (i've had ideas rolling around in my head all day), but no more, because then i'll be a zombie when the time comes to roll out of bed and head to the radio station in the morning.

so, hi. glad to see you made it over here.

it was a thought-provoking sort of day, both because of the upcoming list, and for other reasons. it's funny how observing other folks can make you all reflective and stuff. (not reflective like being covered in that special tape they sell for little kids to slap onto their halloween costumes so they don't become little hood ornaments, but you know what i mean.)

but, that's for the journal (time permitting), not for this very public sort of blog.

instead, i have a list of another sort for you....

ten things i love about halloween

1. free candy! (more of a concern when i was younger, but i do enjoy the occasional milky way or three musketeers)
2. everyone wears masks- this is the one time of year when we can actually admit that fact.
3. it's also the one time of year that it's "socially acceptable" to dye my hair something vibrant, because i can claim it's part of the costume. (no, i haven't done it, but that doesn't mean i won't.)
4. elvira makes her yearly appearance (unless you have the "mistress of the dark" dvd, of course)
5. the simpsons' halloween special- though i don't think i've managed to catch one yet.
6. those little half chocolate/half peanut butter candies made by palmer (i can't for the life of me remember the name of those darned things) that are wrapped in foil to look like jack o'lanterns. those things friggin' rock.
7. thriller. (the part where michael turns into a werewolf still freaks me out, though.)
8. halloween reminds me of the haunted mansion, which is my favorite amusement park ride, anywhere.
9. glow in the dark accessories more readily available
10. haunted houses.....both the haunted school in woodlawn, maryland, where sibling and i grew up, and the haunted houses in "the bottoms" in kansas city, where we went to high school. (not that we went to school in the haunted houses, but you know what i mean.)

perhaps i'll stay up a little later after all- i've got the adam ant "tales from the crypt" episode around here somewhere......


ltlme said...

10. don't forget the one we did in our basement while growing up.

duff said...

i posted about that. check my list of my favorite posts (at the bottom of the archives)- i think it's listed in there somewhere.