Monday, October 17, 2005

9,000 words (theoretically)

so there i was last weekend, poking around other people's blogs, looking for inspiration. i ran across the following about three different times, and i figure i might as well jump on the bandwagon (i know, i know- just this once.)

step one: go to google, and click on "images"
step two: enter each of the following into the search bar
step three: post the first picture (or a favorite) that comes up

1. where you grew up

hey! that's my library!

2. where you live now

(the city has since been rebuilt, of course)

3. your name

legally, it's this:

but i prefer to be called this:

(no capitals, please)

4. your grandmother's name

here's one:

here's another:

here's another:

and here's the fourth:

5. your favorite food

6. your favorite drink

7. your favorite song

8. your favorite smell

9. your favorite sound

i think i'm supposed to tag some folks, too.

1. kal got all sorts of excited the last time i tagged him.
2. sibling would have a field day with this
3. and i'd love to see what'll get posted on jurgen nation

anyone else interested?


Labbie said...

I'm glad to know "Take On Me" is still your favorite even after I, how can I say it, slaughtered it? Funny, I get the same Simpsons picture when I'm looking for the elusive, provocative pictures of you... :p

Dirk the Feeble said...

I guess now I know why Google is so popular. It's not a great search engine, people just play a lot of games with it.

just thinking said...

I'll play...

LBseahag said...

Is your grandma named Pearl Fender?

Kristi said...

I LOve that Song!!!

Madge said...

Coolest meme of all time, I dare say! I remember the Take on Me video so vividly. Being a crumpled up newspaper in a garbage can was my worst nightmare as a child.

duff said...

lab guy: there are no provocative pictures of me on the internet. i make it a point to destroy all evidence.

sibling: before you send me the bills for therapy, i was just kidding. i don't do stuff like that.

armaedes: yes- like "what's the freakiest way to get to duff's blog?"

just thinking: you're more than welcome to- that's what it's here for.

lbseahag: actually, if you mouse over the guitar picture, it should give you a link that ends with lucile. i have 4 grandmas- my grandparents divorced, and while the women stayed single, one grandpa remarried, and the other had a long-time live-in girlfriend. (i didn't know they weren't married until i was in college.)

kristi: i do, too (obviously)

madge: i'm still waiting for val kilmer to jump out of the newspaper and take me away with him.

bricotrout said...

your legal name is 'tye dye'? *takes out little book and pauses in confusion as to add a tally mark or remove one*

Madge said...

That was Val Kilmer?!

duff said...

no- that was crap....what was his name......hold on......morten harket.

however, the fantasy transferred well to val kilmer, who i would happliy run away with.