Tuesday, October 04, 2005

not the brightest shirt in the closet

i have been informed by my younger sibling that she tagged me almost a week ago, and i have yet to talk about my closet. (believe me- we really shouldn't go there...)

but, since you insist, kiddo, go there, we shall:

three random facts about my closet
1. the lightswitch has to be on all the way (you can't just flick it and get results), or else you will have to search for clothes in the dark
2. it's not nearly large enough for all my crap
3. the door has not closed in the two and a half years i've lived in my current apartment

three items i've never worn but still haven't tossed
1. my "mardi grass" t-shirt (i'm not into weed, but the shirt's acquisition is a story for a book some day.)
2. this handkerchief "shirt" i bought in atlanta when i went to see the marvelous 3's farewell concert over 4 years ago. i think it set me back about five bucks, but i just don't have the body for it right now.
3. a pair of cream and pale blue espadrielles i bought the first time i went to spain. i think i may have won them to the airport or train station or something during the trip, but i had a hard time walking in them.

three items i'll never get rid of, no matter how ugly they get
1. the evil black doc martens that sent me flying down a flight of stairs in high school (they're a size too big). i wound up with stitches and a shattered front tooth. ah, memories.
2. my yellow low cut chuck taylors. i only know of one other person who likes them, but that's okay...they're probably not your size, anyway.
3. my "rasta" overalls. they're a combination of various blue, purple, and white aptterns. i haven't worn them since college, i do not posess any sort of footwear that looks good with them, and i'm sure the fashion police would be summoned as soon as i set foot in public while wearing them. however, they hold a place near and dear to my heart, and therefore, i cannot part with them anytime soon.

three items people wouldn't expect to find in my closet
1. various items left over from my preschool career (toy-filled pumpkins, beach balls, rolls of stickers, et cetera.)
2. seashells (pensacola, i think)
3. nkotb memorabilia (it's not like i have it out in the open- it's closed up in a rubbermaid box.)

three items that made me go, "oh lord, what was i thinking?"
1. "stylish" white sandals from payless- chunky heel and all. (wait a minute- did those already get donated to goodwill? i can't recall.........)
2. platform sandals with flowers and straw in a combination that may be just right one someone else's feet- but just plain wrong on mine.
3. the skintight black polyester pants.....only flattering if your thighs are the size of matchsticks- which mine are not. (they would make good "bar pants", but i prefer jeans.)

three things that i have a surprising number of
1. boxed holiday cards (you have no idea.)
2. tennis shoes (imelda can have her heels...ever since my five year stint at athletic attic, i've been a tennis shoe junkie. i'm not big on nikes, though.)
3. jeans with holes. i have one pair without holes, and they don't fit right. every other pair has at least one hole, be it in the crotch, belt loops, and/or around the back pockets. (perhaps it's time for a trip tot the store.)

three dominant colors in my wardrobe
1. grey
2. blue
3. white (because i have a lot of t-shirts....otherwise, i'd say "more grey")

three items that never fail to put me in a good mood whenever i wear them
1. long-sleeved cookie monster shirt
2. purple velvet airwalks
3. comfortable jeans (yeah- holes and all)

three people i will tag
i'm leaving this up to you guys. if you want to play along, be my guest. (just let me know by leaving a message in my comments section, okay? thanks.)


Dirty Gypsy said...

Duff, I think you should have to wear the "rasta" overalls with the yellow Chucks and post a photo. I'm just sayin'...

(I used to have purple high-top Cons, and I LOVED them. When they started to wear out a bit, I cut the backs off and wore them like slides for another summer. It was awesome.)

ltlme said...

i agree with gypsy

duff said...

i was going to take pictures of several of the above mentioned items. however, since i'm not able to post pictures from home right now, the whole post would have had to wait until the weekend, which puts a damper on things.

Dirty Gypsy said...

Ah, but I'm betting that photo would be worth the wait!

I've got to know exactly what "rasta" overalls look like.

Stef said...

i did the survey. Go take a look :)

jamwall said...

there appears to be a noticeable lack of "assless chaps" and "pink fuzzy anatomically-correct bodysuits."

Dirk the Feeble said...

I hardly ever go in my closet, I would suck at this game.

Oswald Croll said...

Cookie Moster T, nice.
I have a Snufalufagus sweat shirt I love, but it doesn't fit me anymore because I got it when I was 14......