Wednesday, October 19, 2005

you searched for what??? (part ten)

yes, readers, it's time once again to browse through my statcounter account and share with you some of the truly odd ways you managed to find my blog. (mike davis will be thrilled.)

our first offering this week comes to us from a surfer in ohio who wanted information on (one presumes) one of his/her favorite artists:

Andy Gibb concert

interesting coincidence: the number one song the week i was born was "shadow dancing", by andy gibb.

"jennifer love hewitt" real "Rolling Stone" "size since"

yes, folks- all of this was in a single search.

obviously, i was the top result for this one.....obviously

"don't change" inxs butch walker

i'd love to get my hands on that cover.

pictures of matrix haircolors

are we searching for haircolors from the film? haven't seen it.

now, if we're searching for haircolors in general, i can probably come up with something for you......

famous people who wore braces

while i'm honored to be among the top 20 results for this search, i must point out that i'm not famous.....yet.
....but don't let that stop you from reading....that way, you can say you knew me way back when. (i won't let it go to my head, i promise.)

urinating in public ticket cost in kansas

i'm more than a little concerned about this one, for several reasons:

1. has this searcher from shawnee mission, kansas, already done the deed, or is he/she merely planning ahead?

2. next time i'm in kansas (it happens, on occasion), i will have to make a special effort not to step in any puddles, lest they be more than just water.

3. how on earth did i come up at the sixth result for this search, between "illegal to be homeless" and an article on "felon disenfranchisement"?

random facts about canadians

you came to me for this sort of thing? okay- i'm sure i'll get a beating from my canadian blogger buddies for displaying my american ignorance, but here are a few tidbits:

1. hockey is to canadians what football is to americans.
2. poutine: a canadian taste sensation, featuring french fries, gravy, cheese, and occasionally a bit of onion.

that's enough of that. (after all, i don't want to divulge everything i know.)

tawny kitaen pictures

because of another of my interesting typos, i'm 20th on msn for tawny kitean photos. (perhaps if i'd spelled her name properly, i would have ranked higher.)

Gunther + tralala

i have jamwall to blame thank for this one. repeatedly.

"jump in leaves" joke

is there a chicken involved? a nun? a priest? all of the above?

"little richard is gay"

maybe i wasn't the last to find out about this, after all.

in other news, i seem to have risen to #10 on msn for "chick fighting".

(is this a good thing?)

finally, one that includes not one, not two, but three of my favorite people: (Centre De Ressources Informatique (cri))

Ile-de-france, Paris, France, 0 returning visits

Date Time WebPage
19th October 2005 10:03:22 AM Hutchence Ian Astbury val kilmer&btnG=Recherche Google&meta=

this is why i love this stuff. someone in france searched for my favorite actor, plus the lead singer of my favorite band, as well as the lead singer of one of my other favorite bands. even more exciting, i can let my pop culture nerdiness show and connect all three.


in the movie "the doors", val kilmer played jim morrison. however, michael hutchence was also seriously considered for the role. ian astbury contributed to the doors tribute album (doors covers? same difference), and became a member of the "reincarnated" doors (officially "the doors of the 21st century"), in 2002.

and with that, it's time for me to hit "publish". little sister needs some help studying.


Madge said...

you're good.

ltlme said...

thanks for the help btw!!!!! good to have a sis that has a major in psych.

Labbie said...

No one looked for anything to do with sex? Oh, I'm sorry, this isn't Tossed Salad Blog...

Joe said...

My recent favorites for my site has been

Naked Men in Locker Room

Naked Sidney Crosby

Pregnant Celebrities

I really should just switch to 'all porn all the time' blog.

duff said...

madge: thanks- i try.

sibling: no problem, kiddo.

lab guy: oh, there were sex ones- mostly involving strange and unusual things one can do with hilary duff's feet.

just you wait- i already have several entries built up for the next installment.

joe: for a moment, i was a little concerned- i thought you'd written "bing crosby naked", and all i could picture was that bearded snowman from "rudolph the red-noses reindeer", minus his festive vest.

duff said...

er.... nosed.

(too early for me to type coherently, apparently.)

Jo said...

I think it would be more accurate to say that hockey is to Canadians what Baseball is to Americans, but football works too.
I haven't ever had onions on poutine, but it would probably be pretty good:)

jamwall said...

ah yes, you've discovered gunther. the swedish pleasureman. he's got a bizarre tra-la-la ding-dong fetish. i wonder if hostess inc. knows about this!

HermanTurnip said...

Ahh...that old chestnut "urinating in public". If I had a quarter for every time someone wound up at my blog with that search string, I'd be rich. What goes through some people's heads? *shudder*