Wednesday, October 05, 2005


this will be fast, as i'm running late (big surprise, i know) to a friend's house, where i'm staying the night. (helping out, not trouble in paradise, i assure you.)i spent the night last night, too- and dropped off her middle child at my former workplace this morning.

it was less awkward than i thought it would be.

i felt strangely detached from my classroom, which has been completely rearranged (i doubt they waited for me to pull out of the parking lot last week before starting in on it) and is virtually unrecognizable. i thought it was an odd reaction, since, after all, it was my home away from home for over three years.

i walked out with four bags of my stuff, and will retrieve more tomorrow. i'm leaving most of my past purchases behind, but i have added a few more things to the list of items i'm reclaiming.

and then i came home, hopped on the treadmill (aerosmith's "big ones" today), showered, delivered a sizable avon order, and got to the new, improved job at 10.

sure, i miss my kids like crazy, and i miss seeing a handful of my coworkers, but when it comes down to it, have i really lost anything?



Dirty Gypsy said...

I'm sorry to hear that you lost your job, but I'm glad to know that you're okay. (Financially and otherwise.) Hang in there.

Did you interview for the new job in your rasta overalls? I'll bet you did. :) Heh.

Dirk the Feeble said...

Wow, look how sentimental you are about your co-workers.

just thinking said...

Hmm... How disappointing to spend so much time on something, only to find that when it's gone, it meant nothing.

photobetty said...

You have kids?

duff said...

gypsy: nope- i' saving them for when i ask for a raise.

armaedes: i said i missed a handful of them, ddin't i? i have their numbers....they have mine...i'm sure we'll manage to keep in touch.

just thinking: yes, "disappointing" was a good word for it. kind of like ow it was disappointing to hear that some of my former coworkers have been circling around my former room, trying to get their mitts on stuff i left behind.

(to which i say:buy your own shit, ladies. that stuff's for my (now cathy's) kids.)

photobetty: good to see you came up for air....did you run the battery down on your new computer? (kidding...)

no kids personally, but several professionally. (hmm....that doesn't sounds quite right, somehow.)

i'm too young to get tied down like that.