Saturday, October 29, 2005

tricks? treats? perhaps a little of both.

five halloweenish songs i love

1. "dead man's party" oingo boingo
2. "thriller" michael jackson (with the smooth vocal stylings of vincent price)
3. "the time warp" rocky horror picture show
4. "the werewolves of london" warren zevon
5. "the monster mash" bobby "boris" pickett and the crypt-kickers

my ten favorite halloweenish movies/shows

1. the crow
2. tales from the crypt (especially the adam ant and brad pitt episodes)
3. tales from the crypt: demon knight (billy, oh man)
4. rocky horror picture show
5. the addams family
6. elvira: mistress of the dark
7. the nightmare before christmas
8. frankenstein: the colloege years (bet you thought i'd forgotten about that one, daddy)
9. beetlejuice
10. van helsing

ten treats i want in my bucket this halloween

1. quarters (i'd much rather have those than candy. halloween when i was little was like hitting the freaking jackpot!)
2. milky ways
3. three musketeers
4. those little half-chocolate/half-peanut butter disks wrapped to look like little pumpkins
5. sweet tarts
6. mini caramellos (rolos would be acceptable, too)
7. nestle crunch bars
8. reese's peanut butter cups
9. kit kats
10. reese's pieces

five "treats" i don't want anywhere near my bucket this halloween

1. mary janes
2. those little orange and black wrapped caramel-type things that taste like....i don't even know how to describe their nastiness.
3. candy corn (and i don't like the red/pink/white candy corn they pass out for valentine's day, either.)
4. tootsie rolls
5. those nasty little wrapped bubble gums that were too sugary for the first thirty seconds, then tasted like silly putty for the next thirty seconds, before i finally wised up and spit them out. dubble bubble- i think that's the name. don't give me any of those- they're gross.


Sherri said...

#2 of the things you don't want list - They are supposed to be peanut butter kisses. I hate them too!

duff said...

that's odd- they don't taste very much like peanut butter, either.

i figure things must cost about a penny each. quite frankly, i'd much rather have the penny.

ltlme said...

so are you going to go trick-or-treating? you could pull it off.

Larry said...

Did I tell you about the time I met Billy Zane?

Dad said...

Nope. Actually it never crossed my mind that you would have forgotten "Frankenstein: the college years". I do see, though, that you have forgotten how to spell "college". Or is that just the keyboard monster poping up and doing his thing?