Sunday, October 23, 2005

out to lunch- back soon

i'm working on the list right now, but rest assured i'll be on later to share with you my thoughts on why there should be limits to how late young children should be allowed in restaurants.

had it not been so tasty, yet pricey, i would have tested out the aerodynamic capabilities of part of my godzilla roll.


Joe said...

How LATE should children be allowed in restaurants? How about NOT AT ALL!! I hated kids when I was a server. I couldn't stand them. I'd ask to take the order and the mother would say, "One second" and then turn to her three year old and say, "what do you want to eat . . . hey what would you like to . . . hey pay attention . . . no don't do that . . . what do you want to eat? . . . listen to me . . . I need your attention please . . .do you want chicken fingers? . . . hey do you want a grilled cheese? . . . don't draw on that . . . do you want a mac and cheese?" HE'S THREE!!! He doesn't know what he wants and he sure as hell can't read the menu! Then they don't even eat the crap I serve them. They shove food in the seats, on the window blinds, in the sugar packet holder thing. Little bastards . . .

ltlme said...

i agree with joe. I dealt with a little girl who ordered me around while here parents just sat there and said nothing. She even shouted, "hey you!!!! Where's my dinner!!?!!!!" at the top of her lungs just a couple minutes after I had put the order in. I do not miss that line of work.

Between that and working as a cashier, I have learned that most parents are not acting like their namesake....parents!

bricotrout said...

side arm! you get the best propulsion rate with grains by using a side arm!

jamwall said...

i was telling someone recently that the age should be between 12 to 15 years old.

duff said...

the family came in around 9:45 p.m.

now, sibling, do you recall when exactly it was that we were considered old enough to stay up after dark? i'm thinking i was pretty close to middle school before that happened.

this kid was no more than three years old.

he punched his mom's arm repeatedly as she browsed the menu, yet the biggest reactio he got was from dad, who said, "would you like for me to take you to the bathroom so we can have a talk?"

my, how times change.

had i ever hit mama, let alone while out at a restaurant, there would have been no, "would you like....". i'm not sure there would have even been a trip to the bathroom. it would have been dealt with then, and there, in a manner that, had it been used by the "parents of the year" last night, there would have been a standing ovation from the rest of us, who were trying unsuccessfully not to stare in awe.

but thee's more. not only did the little dear punch mom for a good 5 minutes, but he also felt the need to repeatedly shout out "eeew!" an "yuck!" after the food arrived. by this point, i was seriously considering chucking part of my pink dragon roll at the little twerp. (there's a raw hunk of something- salmon maybe?- wrapped around the rice layer. watching that fly into his whiny little mouth would have been.... priceless.)

the waitress brought the child a bunch of chocolate when she handed over the bill. of course, your first thought is, "why is she rewarding his bad behavior?"

however, having survived five years teaching preschool, i think i know what the waitress was really up to- after 10p.m., a faceful of chocolate will keep most kids bouncing off the walls until well past midnight.

and for that, that waitress is my new hero.

Kristi said...

Children in restuarants suck!

I left the "family Restaurant" business for a more business oriented crowd many years ago as I couldn't stand it any longer.
And now with a daughter of my own.......
We still don't go to those places. WE still eat at the fancier resturants because I've brought her up to know that a cloth napking goes in her lap and palying peek-a-boo under the chair isn't cool.
If she decides to be a shit we pack everything up and leave. I would never put other dining patrons thru he crap!
She is still a kid however and we do still have our moments.
Not to mention we go at a decent dinner hour. Which for her is 5/5:30. She turns anti-christ if she eats later than that.
10PM at night!!!
Thats ridiculous! I'd kill her for even being up that late!