Saturday, October 08, 2005

s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y night

i must be getting old. (shhh- don't tell my body, or my metabolism may slow down.)

i finished babysitting this evening around 11, and arrived home just before 11:30. back in college, i'd be heading out the door for the bar (and for the record, i only drank in a bar twice in college- not counting a hurricane at waldo's in new orleans when i went to mardi gras).

however, i haven't been to a bar/nightclub/meat market more than twice since moving to south carolina, and i can assure you both times were at least four years ago.

i have zero desire to go out. i mean, i was never one for drinking (and two blackouts in college pretty much cured me of any desire to drink i may have had...last thanksgiving excepted), and i don't really have a social circle out here to hang out at bars/clubs with, and i'm already taken, so its not like i feel the need to go out shopping for a warm body to make out with, either immediately or what's the point?

i don't even know what to wear anymore. i mean, i assume jeans are still okay (which reminds me- i really should invest in some new ones before the weather cools off to the point that i look silly running around in shorts and am left with very few options for covering the lower half of my body)....are those polyester black pants i wore in college still acceptable? hell- am i still skinny enough to pull off that look without being one of those girls others whisper about "pushing lycra to its limits". (okay, so maybe i'm the only one who whispers such things, but if you'd witnessed some of the folks sporting the "overstuffed sausage" look, you'd likely agree. being big is fine, but being a twelve and thinking you can wear a two is not.)

tennis shoes? check. heels? not so much....unless we're counting the black velevet ones i wore to one of those high school dances i went to without a date. (and no- i'm not referring to my prom, which i did not attend. in fact, my younger sibling went instead....and was allowed to stay out far later than my curfew....but we don't need to go there.)

i'm not in the mood to settle in in front of a movie. (plus, i'd have to move some boxes around in the living room to be able to see the tv, which would probably take more effort than it's worth.) it's a bit late to be calling folks, and if i did, i'm sure i'd interrupt many of them at the bar, anyway.

that leaves three options: clean, read, or sleep.

i'm pleased to report that it looks like my computer may actually be sitting on top of a desk, not just a really stable pile, as previously thought. furthermore, since i'm pretty wide awake, i think i can get at least a chair cleared off, and possibly an extra 4 square feet of floorspace.

when did this become my idea of a good way to spend a saturday night?

shit, i'm getting old.


ltlme said...

some of us in this world go out to clubs not to pick people up, but just to shake the butt. (i'm a lean, mean, dancing machine.) It's also nice to get out and be around a bunch of people that aren't seen in the work environment day in and day out. For the dressing thing. It depends on what type of club you go to. Flip flops are def. out, unless you're into the pain from being stepped on half a dozen times. Otherwise, jeans are find at most places....slacks at others.
Just depends on if you like a laid back club or one that's a bit snoody and has a line to wait in.

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LBseahag said...

I miss your little plastic office assistant...
she would show you a good time on the town!

Phats said...

You are not OLD! Because if you're old that means I am old. haha. I don't drink either, I can't but I don't really see the point. What book are you reading?

Cute profile pic cows rock!

duff said...

sibling: did you see the part about not really having a social circle to hang out at he bars with? were i still in kansas city, i'd be all over it.....unfortunately, there aren't too many other things to do in kansas city.

lbseahag: just for that, i may have to haul her out today. while you wait, you can check out bodhi's blog. (with any luck, i'll get more pictures from our july trip up by the end of the day.)

phats: ooh! a new face! that rocks.

i recently finished the lovely bones, and i've got a nice stack by the bed for one of those days when i have a free half hour or so to devote to a book.

oh- and while babysitting, i finally read hoot, which was really good.

i'm not sure exactly what'll be next- laurie notaro should have a new one out soon though, so i should clear out some space for it on the shelf.

LBseahag said...

Bodhi's Blog was the best!!!!

I am so linking you and Bohdi on my kick ass..

ltlme said...

I don't have much of a social circle only takes one other person to go out with.

Kristi said...

I've been living without a socail life since the Queen was born.

its sucks large ranch animals.

i'm in bed by 10 every night!

Phats said...

I like being called a new face :) tons better then fresh meat.

I am reading tammy hoag right now, my reading is going to pick up here because I have been slacking lately.

Have a good one :)

just thinking said...

I spent my Saturday night painting (a wall) and doing dishes. Reading blogs has constituted my, uh, social circle lately.. At least you got out of the house.

Labbie said...

Can I make it up to you for my dramatic reading of "Take on me" by taking you Salsa Dancing (SO included, if he's into that sort of thing) when you make your way through DC again?

Madge said...

old schmold. i think you're young at heart.