Saturday, October 08, 2005

in limbo

i was at a loss for what to write about today, but a conversation with a coworker less than five minutes ago provided the inspiration i was looking for.

one of my duties at one of the radio stations in our cluster is to keep an eye on the emergency alert system. if someone gets kidnapped, or we have torrential thunderstorms or an impromptu reenactment of the tornado scene from the wizard of oz, i'm supposed to get the message out to our six stations, as well as pass it along to other stations in the state.

to verify that i'm actually keeping an eye on things, i have to run around the building and sign a bunch of clipboards that acknowledge that i was responsible for things. (i know- me? responsible? a crazy idea......)

****digression ahead****

as i write this, we're playing a commercial about a new hooters location. brooke burke just told me what a glamorous job being a hooters girl is. since, of course, i'm the glamorous sort, i'm planning on working on my resume as soon as i finish pounding out this entry. once that's done, all i'll need to do is spend about 1,000 consecutive hours on the treadmill (need to do a tiny bit of toning, so grown men don't run the other direction when i approach them in my tiny orange shorts), and invest in a new water bra (bless you, frederick's), and i should be good to go.

but i digress.....


so anyway these clipboards are spread out around the building, and i'm somewhat lazy, so i usually sign the ones in the one studio that i happen to be in, and then scribble on the ones in the wnok studio at some point during my shift at wnok. (makes sense, doesn't it?)

so anyway, i hadn't signed the ones here in the wnok studio yet, when my coworker walked in to sign his name. i squeezed in between him and the clipboards so i could sign my name to each of the logs before he had a chance to. not wanting to invade his personal space, instead of bending over to reach the lower boards, i simply called upon my rollerskating limbo abilities and did sort of a sideways split to reach the lower clipboards. (it's harder to explain than to visualize, but for some reason "spread my legs" didn't sound appropriate........oh the searches i'm going to wind up on now....great.)

anyway, that reminded me about the good ol' days, when we used to skate at the elementary school gym on wednesday nights.

...and come to think of it, i probably included the story i was going to share in this post.

so, uhm....nevermind.


Labbie said...

I just murdered A-Ha's "Take On Me" over on my blog... And I apologize.

duff said...

you did WHAT???

i haven't read it yet, but i believe you'll have to make this one up to me.

Kristi said...


I love the rollerskating Limbo!!
that paints the best picture ever!

duff said...

i'm trying to remember the song they'd play while we limboed....

something to the effect of:

"all around this limbo world,
every limbo boy and girl,
all around the limbo clock,
hey, let's do the limbo rock.

jack be nimble, jack be quick,
jack go under limbo stick......"

Kristi said...


Blush~my mind is in the gutter!