Monday, October 03, 2005

singing in my underwear

i do not know how or why, but for some reason, old madonna songs have been playing on my mental jukebox all day. (i suppose it could be far worse- i could be stuck with any of her newer musical attempts.....or visions of her more memorable movie roles.....)

currently playing: "live to tell" (too bad i can only remember about three lines of the whole damned song.)

but you didn't come here to read about that, did you? of course not! you came for scandal (check out the eddie murphy news on jurgen nation- it sure as heck took me by surprise.), drama (am i living out of a cardboard box yet, due to friday's events? nope- paperwork at the new job got filled out today, the bills are paid, and i think i have enough left over to pick up some of those spiffy new muppets stamps at the post office.), and entertainment (have you heard the one about the chicken and the road? how about the one about gene simmons and the nun?).

so, let's see.....something about ticket prices? flying to phoenix last thanksgiving set me back a little over $200/ticket. i was appalled to learn yesterday that a ticket this year will set me back over $400 (and no, i didn't upgrade to first class, either).

something know that injured toe? i still have no idea what i bumped into to make it hurt like that. (okay, csi- have at it.)

and something entertaining.....

What Your Underwear Says About You

You tend to buy new underwear instead of doing laundry.

You're a closet exhibitionist who gets a thrill from being secretly naughty.

...which, for some wild reason, brings it all back to madonna...


jamwall said...

yeah....thanks a lot you've brought me back to 1986 again! i don't wanna do highschool all over again.....sheesh!

duff said...

high school? in 1986, i was in the third grade.

feel old yet?

Stef said...

Madonna was actually good in 1986...

I do feel old, thanks...I had my second son that year. I was 22.

Larry said...

Um, no, actually I feel about the same age as you. That underwear oracle had me pegged. It was almost embarassing.

just thinking said...

Muppet Stamps ? Time for some stamp shopping..

Madge said...

Speaking of underwear...a while back, I saw Sun Devils scrawled across your booty. Now this talk of flying to Phoenix. Ohmygawd. Did you go to ASU? If that is the case...then our alma maters are going head-to-head this Saturday in Tempe. I love the Pac-10! :)

Madge said...

p.s. Madonna rules. She has a genius IQ, you know. Plus, they call her Madge these days.

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

I was two years outta high school in '86. But I have to admit I have a Madonna album (see, old school reference, even though I have it as CD) that is only her ballads. Good stuff. "Something to Remember." I've dusted it off and am playing now.

Labbie said...

No underwear = No problem

bricotrout said...

"hope i live to tell the secrets i have learned" thats the only line i got for ya. probably the same one you already had. i tried to help.
wait! i know, "papa dont preach, im in trouble deep. papa dont preach, im gonna keep my baby"

Dirk the Feeble said...

Underwear makes you think about Madonna? That's weird, she's so virginal and pure (hence her stage name).

Mossy Stone said...

Larry, I don't want to know what the underwear oracle said about you.

jamwall said...

even worse, duff, when i was 6 years old, i was forced to go in front of the entire school class (along with a few other kids) and sing debbie boone's "you light up my life" WHEN THAT SONG FIRST CAME OUT!......yeah....i'm screwed up..

duff said...

stef: i agree completely- i'm a fan of the older stuff. (perhaps i'll have to take "the immaculate collection" with me during one of my morning workouts sometime soon.)

larry: for some reason, looking at your picture reminds me of that kittens/masturbation thing from a few years ago.

just thinking: you and me both.

madge: actually, i went to northwest missouri state university in the bustling metropolis of maryville, missouri.

however, SO grew up in phoenix and attended asu for a little while. he is obsessed with the sun devils, and i am certain that when we wind up out there (in a few years- i've got to finish with my braces first and get far enough in radio to actually have a shot at something on-air out there), we'll have some sort of friendly competition to see if i can earn a graduate degree before he finishes off his bachelor's.

you may place your bets now.

beer goggles: glad i could inspire you to dust off that old cd. how about a little something from cyndi lauper tomorrow? i could go for "time after time" right about now.

lab boy: if that was referring to your underwear situation, that may be moe than i needed to know.

if it was referring to mine, i'd have to say "nice guess- but not quite"

did any one else just see my sister cringe? sorry, kiddo.

bricotrout: different song, dear. how about "like a surgeon...cutting for the very first time"?

wait a minute- that's weird al.

armaedes: i know, i know- call me quirky, but that's the connection i make.

mossy: you may not want to know about the state of larry's underwear, but i'm sure penny was reading over your shoulder. ;~)

jamwall: did anyone happen to catch that on tape?