Monday, October 10, 2005

you searched for what??? (part nine)

after a hard day's work, nothing is more de-stressing (or is it distressing than sitting down in front of statcounter and checking out the weird searches some of you folks conduct on yahoo, msn, and google:

a gallery of polish babes in short shorts

1. i'm not polish
2. i'm not very babelike.
3. you got me on the shorts.

the person behind this search couldn't believe their eyes- they found me twice in less than a minute. (i'm #16, by the way.)

I'm going to be a big Sister T-shirt's a little too late for me to know anything about this- unless mama has a secret she's been keeeping.

my birthday is next tuesday.

uhm....congratulations. i'm afraid your card will be a little late. (after all, i still haven't finished sending out my birthday cards for july.)

my sister hot friend

wait a minute- somebody searched for this? and i came up? somebody thinks i'm their sister's hot friend? that's awesome. can i put it on my resume?

Chick Fighting with bras and thongs

i'm not sure how it happened, but somehow i've managed to "win" the 23rd highest ranking for this search. (sorry- no photos will be sold on ebay, as i don't recall actualy doing any of the fighting.)

also, why is this search singular? is there only one chick fighting? how can you have a one-person fight? sounds like someone's got some issues, man.

rate my mini skirt

i'm number 11 for this msn search, courtesy of my little friend, the wnok station doll. (i own mini-skirts, but i think the lasst time i had one on was the last time my thighs were completely smooth, supple, and dimple-free.)

happy slap videos girl stripped in playground

huh? how on earth did i wind up the #2 result for this one?

furthermore, what on earth was this person trying to find? (i mean, besides the obvious, of course.)

Car Prank Video Ebaum old people mean

i'm not sure exactly what the searcher behind this query was going for, but i'm the first thing they found.

should i be proud of this?

mr. t's outfit

thanks to a post celebrating b.a. baracus' birthday, i was number two for this monday. (even more interesting is the fact that this search was conducted in kansas city, north carolina, iowa, texas, and l.a. in the space of twelve hours. did i miss something on the news about this? what's with the sudden fascination, folks?)

on a related note, there was also a search for Mr. T's last name on "A Team" on monday morning. (sadly, you have to pass over 6 other results for this search before you get to my page.)

and finally, one of the most interesting offerings from this latest crop of searches....

ice dancing europe grand

first off, do you think this searcher meant "grand prix"?
secondly, somehow i came up as #59 for this yahoo search, based on a month when i blogged about both the grand canyon and dancing. go figure.

i can't wait to see what you folks come up with next.


ltlme said...

um, if mama does have a secret, we should also call the media on this one....right after I grab a big sis T as well. as a big sister.....finally someone to torment!!!!

memphisfan said...

what was mr t's last name on the "a-team"?

duff said...

memphisfan: mr. t's character was "b.a. baracus" (the b.a. stood for "bad attitude", by the way.)

Labbie said...

You know, people can actually fight themselves, hence the plotline of "Fight Club".

Also, I always thought "b.a." stood for Bachelor of Arts... But that's just me.

In addition, I will be taking the real, honest-to-goodness citizenship test in about six months. I'll fill you in on the results.

Dirk the Feeble said...

You can't do that to me! What IS Mr. T's last name on the A-Team?

Dana said...

Hey; I just now got around to seeing the comments you left on my blog. I'm pretty oblivious like that.

And I'm kind of disappointed. I always thought B.A. would've stood for Bad Ass. Mr. T, you're not as cool as I once thought.

I'm gonna' go sob in my pillow now.

LBseahag said...

I knew the little station girl would work the google catwalk!
way to go!

Kristi said...

My statcounter must be broken!

i never get stuff like that.
I check the paths and all the other buttons on the side.
it just looks to me like people delibratly go there.
Although, that could be a little wierd all on its own.

Larry said...

Are you really the Happy Slaps Videos Girl? WOW!

duff said...

lab boy: would you believe i've never seen fight club?

armaedes: you mean mr. t's last name? i know it, but like his phone number, i'm not sure it's something he wants passed out.

dana: with time and therapy, you'll be okay. i think.

lbseahag: yeah- she turns up a lot...mostly in searches for "slut", as that's what the web guru titled some of her photos back before i figured out how to set them up myself.

kristi: i can share- from now on, i will send the freaky searches your way.

(while you're waiting, check out refer madness for more odd searches.)

larry: want an autograph?