Saturday, May 21, 2005

pityin' fools who don't celebrate mr. t's birthday

after i finished last night's post, i started browsing through random quizzes, and one in particular caught my eye. it was musical, its roots are celebrity in nature (or something like that), and i am pleased to report i am....

Which David Bowie are you?

i was going to segue smoothly from the above link ( a david bowie test that does not seem to be working this morning, but i'm stubborn and feel the need to leave it up anyway) to a charming story about watching the labyrinth far too many times for my own good during my impressionable youth.

then i opened today's paper.
it seems another important figure from my youth (one who also wore tight pants, actually) is celebrating his 53rd birthday today.
i kid you not- mr. t is really fifty three.
inspired by this news, i googled mr.t. i'm still plowing my way through 10+ pages of links, but here are a few of the best:
• a few basic facts.
• where was this for mother's day? i haven't been able to watch it all the way through yet- mostly because i'm too busy trying to locate the phone number for the fashion police. (what is the statute of limitations on wearing a truly heinous outfit, anyway?)
• for more from the mr. t video, click here.
• not only is mr. t a fine actor, wrestler, and rapper, but here he is, teaching others the joy of meteorology.
• ever wonder what your mr. t name is?
• is that mr. t in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? (i will have to pass on the mr. t soap on a rope, though.
• mr. t takes on technology. (here's something else for the techies.)
• mr. t is a zen master and haiku devotee.
• i had no idea the simpsons were such fans.
• while i never ate the cereal, i'm proud to admit i spent many saturday mornings in front of the show. (would you like some milk with that?)
• .....and i thought i had too much free time. this guy has me beat......
• speaking of beatings, mr. t takes on puff daddy here.
words of wisdom from mr. t.
• did you know mr. t can also list "price is right contestant" on his resume?
• mr. t takes on heavy metal (twice!), and a fiesty, evil little man.
• i think i took a wrong turn somewhere. where's the large black man with the mohawk?
• it shouldn't surprise you to know that mr. t is politically aware. (maybe i should've written him in in the last election.)
• so- what has mr. t been up to lately?
• need more mr. t links? (believe me- there's more where all that came from. in fact, i only got to
page 8 of suggestions from google.)
perhaps i'll continue the celebration later- i'm only on season two, disc one, side b of "the a team", so perhaps i can watch an episode or two in mr. t's honor. right now, however, it's time for some serious work. really. well- maybe in another 5 minutes or so...

mr t duckie

(of course i own one- it was deemed "the perfect gift" last year- combining my love of rubber duckies and the a team. the notion that someone actually thought of this combination worries me a little, though.)


Larry said...

I dont know haw far back in your comments you go but when i first visited you and read back a ways I noted your A-team watching.

My little brother realized that you could sing anything to the theme of the a-team if you try.

and as far as the labrynth goes, i get the song

You remind me of the babe

what babe?

the babe with the power

what power?

the power of voodoo

who do?

you do

do what?

remind me of the babe

stuck in my head as soon as someone mentions it


duff said...

ah, yes- i remember that comment. (i have yet to experiment with the theme song, though. perhaps later, when i'm putting off writing lesson plans.....)

i have the same problem with that song- when we hiked in peralta canyon earlier this month, there were these skinny little rock formations at the top of the canyon. they just happen to be called "hoodoos". so, the entire four hours we were in that canyon "magic dance" ran through my head.

UOW said...

A T rubber ducky...
That is kind of scary, isn't it?
Though I think the strangest thing is that such a duck could be appealing to the masses.

Or am I the only one who believes owning a T-Duck (does that sound like a steak sauce to anyone?) would be cool?

Gus-gus said...

All apologies for not having my caldendar marked, but Happy Birthday Mr. T.
As for the Mr. T rubber duckie, I am deliciously amused.
I now know what I want for my birthday.

sojourning crow said...

"I pity the fool who don't rub-a-dub"