Wednesday, May 04, 2005

return of the detachable penis

no, no, no- this isn't one of those blogs. i hadn't heard the song "detachable penis" (by king missle- early 90's) in years, and then driving home this evening, one of the alternative stations in town played it. had i been driving (and not holding down the passenger seat), i probably would have run off the road.

it was another late start (no complaints- after all, i'm on vacation!), had lunch with dad (not my dad- i call everyone's dad "dad"- mine is "daddy". it's a quirk, but i have a bunch of those......) and then headed off in search of new trail running shoes (the one pair i liked was a size and a half too small- dammit). after abandoning that mission, we drove about an hour into the mazatzal wilderness to hike on the barnhardt trail.

duff at the Barnhardt Trail Waterfall

Barnhardt Trail Waterfall

four hours later, we were headed back to civilization (a.k.a. phoenix) in search of another dsw, and presumably, the trail running shoes of my dreams. too bad the location i usually visit has gone out of business. so, i guess the search will continue tomorrow, probably between the visit to the phoenix zoo and the hike on south mountain.

you know, if i lived here, i'd have to get a job as a park ranger or something so i could get paid to hike around all day. that'd be great- unless they'd need me to touch snakes or scorpions. i believe i'm highly allergic to them both.

back to my original train of thought- music. have you heard the cover of "under pressure" by the used and my chemical romance? they've been playing the heck out of it out here. from what i've heard, it's only available as a 99 cent download from itunes, with proceeds to benefit tsunami relief. (perhaps if i were a little more technologically savvy, i would download it and buy one of those ipods and carry my music everywhere with me. or, since i'm kind of old school (cassette/radio in my car- and that's it), maybe i'll just tape it off the radio, like i used to do back in the day.)

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Larry said...

I love the song Detachabe Penis. They play it almost every other day here on othe retro lunch show on our alt station. Haven't heard the other version of Under Pressure. I will have to check it out.