Sunday, May 29, 2005

why bask in the sunshine when i can freeze my butt off in a 70 degree studio?

i'd much rather be inside this windowless building all day than outdoors enjoying the 87-degree sunshine.

perhaps if i say it enough, i will start to believe it.

i'm trying to make the best of being indoors all weekend- my rollerblades are in the car. (well, i didn't seriously injure myself on them last weekend, so i figure i shouldn't take another crack at it.) i also have a jump rope in my backpack, and if the treadmills at our weight room weren't broken, i may seriously have considered bringin one to work. (fitting it in my car would have been difficult, but it's the thought that counts, right?) of course, since i have all these great fitness plans (rolling chair races in the hallway, anyone?), i am sporting the bouncy adidas.

surprisingly, my biggest fan has only called once so far today. (then again, i have only been on the air for less than two hours, so i'm sure i will hear from him again. repeatedly.) i asked folks to go to our website and take my summer vacation poll, and my listener felt compelled to call me immediately and let me know his itinerary for the next twenty four hours. unfortunately, i had to decline his invitation to a barbecue with veterans.......i have to work.

make that two calls. during my last break, i said something about needing to figure out how to get a treadmill out of my car, so i guess my fan immediately set about coming up with a solution for me. i didn't quite catch the whole plan, but for some reason, there was a heat lamp involved.

perhaps i should stay inside all day, lest he swing by and offer his assistance in person.

speaking of staying inside, i didn't have a chance to take photos at the asylum yesterday. i wound up working until around 5:00, and when i got home, instead of picking up my cameras and heading back downtown, i picked up my pajamas and a magazine (my uncluttering project continues!) and fell asleep reading.

after a two-hour nap, i groggily agreed to go out for mexican food. (not that it's ever hard to talk me into going out for tacos....and chips and salsa.....and guacamole.....why am i hungry all of a sudden?) after dinner, there was no movie (i was a sleepy, cheap date), just more sleep.

as a result, i'm relaxed, refreshed, and having a pretty good shift. (of course, all the bigwigs were potentially listening yesterday, when i pretty much sucked, but that's the way my timing generally works.)
how about a quick peek at what my fellow bloggers have been up to lately?
~kal is rattling off obscure jethro tull trivia while lounging around indoors instead of going out and mowing the lawn.
~larry is mourning the loss of 16 armadillos and celebating the finalization of his divorce.
~digitalicat is contemplating revamping his blog.
~citrus is still in self-imposed exile. (though he's still checking in with other blogs, including this one, according to my counter.)
~sojourning crow is spending the weekend playing with flame throwers, while nj is undoubtedly working on his car.
~meanwhile, kristi is preparing for two huge life changes- bone marrow donation and starting a new job.
~free-writer is featuring a highly entertaining guest post today from mixed moss.
~finally, it seems my little sister, after showing concern that i was becoming addicted to blogging, has started a blog of her own. (it seems that, as we've aged, she has taken on the role of "serious sibling", which allows me to continue to be the fun, frivolous one. woo-hoo!)

speaking of fun and frivolity, i suppose i should abandon this and get back to "serious" work. (reading the paper, telling folks that lollapalooza has been resurrected, googling myself, reading rolling stone, practicing my awesome jump rope skills, et cetera.......)


Larry said...

first of all I have to work too. that is why I have not called more often.

Second, I am not mourning the loss of armadillos, I am preparing to meet them on the field of battle so they don't take over the world(the people in Alabama have it wrong, it is no the mexicans we need to worry about)

Third, are these people serious. Star Wars III over sitting on a beach, traveling the world, reading, or even working for that matter.

The Oscillator said...

I had tacos last night. They made me tired, too. I dreamed about the time I drove through Columbia, SC and rode on the bike path along the river near all the power lines.

It is cloudy today and I don't feel guilty about being inside after wearing out my arm "bumping monks" yesterday.

Thanks for the comment.

duff said...

you haven't called because you have to work? ah well- guess you have to pay for the new mustang somehow.....

i think you're secretly quite fond of armadillos. you're probably breeding them in the back of your van- and that's the real reason why you haven't checked in more often.

finally, you'd be amazed how many star wars geeks were out and about for the premiere a couple of weeks ago. hundreds of men- most of who wouldn't have known what to do if left alone with a naked human female.

(no, i did not conduct any sort of a study to test out that theory- pervert.)


Larry said...

Yeah, I found out that for the bargain price of only about 17K on top of the 27 K GT list price there is a Sonic Blue 05 Saleen Mustang, that can crank out 400 horses, available at a dealership north of Sprinfield, IL. But, contrary to Magnum, P.I. most PI's cannot afford cars such as a Ferrari.

duff said...

so my mustang cobra is out, too?

Larry said...

Yes, i don't think I can wait until next year to get a mustang. plus I don't know if I could afford the insurance. It is pretty steep on the Gt and when you add 100 horses and a rare car to boot. It seems to skyrocket. But, hey you have, like, 17 jobs. Wanna help a brother out?

Larry said...

Oh wait you said your mustang cobra. You can go ahead and get one if you want, but you have to let me drive it.

duff said...

i'm not a highly paid PI, like some people i know.

furthermore, while i have multiple jobs, between them all i make maybe $30k/year.

which would be why i drive a zx2, not a mustang cobra.

Larry said...

Highly paid? I wish. I make a decent base and with all the overtime(lately 70+ hours a week) I still don't make much more, cause OT at my company is at less than half time by some gov't formula, which is the lowest amount they can legally pay us. i can't really afford a toy like a Cobra either.

Digitalicat said...

"Awesome jump rope skills." I don't think I've ever heard those words strung together in that very way.

You're #1! Woohoo!

duff said...


it's okay, digi- you can borrow my jump rope when i'm done. (which would mean i'd actually have to haul it out of my bag and use it first, but that's another matter.)

Digitalicat said...

Oooh... I can use the jump rope? Is it the Duff Signature Model?

duff said...

actually, it's the "guess who participated in "jump rope for heart" half a lifetime ago?" model.

(gently used, because it was packed in a box for about 10 years.)

Mossy Stone said...

Hey, thanks! My readership increases by one! *grin*

duff said...

no problem- your "harry stone" reference sealed the deal.

NJ said...
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