Thursday, May 05, 2005

new shoes and new books- life is good

i have spent the last ten minutes bouncing around the house in my funky new adidas. they're called "a3 megaride", and they have these plastic honeycombs in the midsoles instead of the standard foam. (can you tell i used to sell shoes?) anyway, the honeycombs compress slightly when i bounce on them, so i've been leaping about the house like the jackalope in pixar's "boundin'" short film. (not to be confused with the jennifer tilly/gina gershon flick, "bound".)

it's okay- i know i'm the only one who does this sort of thing. maybe one day i'll grow up and be normal....though not if i can help it.

which reminds me- the waiter tonight called me a "lady". i think i'm insulted.

so anyway, it's been the sort of day that leads to gratuituos joyful bounding. we got a really late start, so i'm afraid the daily hike didn't happen. instead, we went to the phoenix zoo, saw a few animals, and witnessed the unbridled joy of a three and a half year old playing in fountains of water. while at the zoo, i got to do several things i was never allowed to experience in my youth:

~i rode the zoo train around the zoo
~i got to order "zoo food" (much love to the phoenix zoo for their taco salads. well worth paying twice what you would anywhere else. (i told myself the extra money went to keeping the mountain lion safely behind bars.))
~i had not one, but two slurpees. (blue raspberry was vastly superior to the mysterious "purpleberry" flavor, in my opinion.)
~for the low, low price of 50 cents, i smushed a penny into an oval with a lizard on it, as well as "phoenix zoo". (actually, it cost a dollar- the first penny was turned into a bighorn sheep.)

by the time we finished exploring the zoo (the aforementioned three and a half year old was getting a little sleepy), it was far too late to go i hadn't located the trail running shoes of my dreams yet. so, off to dsw we went. in addition to purchasing these blue and silver beauties i'm currently sporting, i also found the black and blue trail running shoes i'd spotted yesterday- this time in my size.

(yes, mama, you'll be proud to know that even though i found my size in another color, i did not buy it. this is a first, and you really should mark it on the calendar.)

(no, mama- this does not mean i need to get rid of two pairs of shoes. in fact, since one pair is still in lake havasu city- probably on the feet of whatever maid cleaned my room- i'm only one pair ahead.)

after my major shoe purchase, we headed to macayo's for dinner. let me ask you a question- when you can't decide between two items on a menu, what do you do?

do you:

~order the first one you saw, promising to try the next item next time?
~con someone else into ordering one of the items and then sharing?
~order something different altogether?

or, do you say "screw it, i'll have them both."?

(i will have you know, about a third of each entree is in the fridge. i'm not that big of a pig.)

after dinner and a quick trip to costco (is it possible to buy too many books? i think not.), we headed to the local independant bookstore for a book signing. this was a very cool event, because the last time i was in town, i purchased one of laurie notaro's books. a month later, i finally got around to reading i love everybody (and other atrocious lies), on my way up to maine for my annual holiday visit with mama. after cackling my way through the philly airport, as well as the entire car ride from bangor to detroit (maine), i went hunting for her other two books.

so, when we were in the car with our outdoorsy friends, one compared this blog to laurie notaro. (i'm honored, but i should have checked his breath for evidence of recent alcohol consumption.) that sparked a conversation, and then a couple of days later, a message was left on the machine about laurie (i've met her, so i think i might be able to get away with calling her by her first name) reading from her new book and scribbling on books and whatnot this evening. all i can say is that you should make a point of checking her out, whether in book form or by going to one of her appearances. laurie was very personable, and kindly signed my six books (two for friends, four for me- yes there's a story involved) and took pictures with me and bodhi.

duff and Laurie Notaro

i'm ranking this experience above meeting dave barry- and that's pretty big. (though, when i met dave barry, i said something truly brilliant. i have no idea what idiotic comment dribbled out of my mouth, but it seems that any time i meet someone famous, no matter what witty thoughts i've mentally composed while waiting to meet them, when i finally shake their hand, i babble something mindless at them and spend the rest of the evening kicking myself for it. hopefully i made it through this evening's meeting without sounding too much like a bumbling idiot- i hope.)

Laurie Notaro and bodhi

so, i'm in a good mood, though i suppose 11:30 at night is a little late to be bouncing around the house.....and therefore i should probably take off these highly technical running shoes (not that i'm planning on running terribly much in them, technically), and crawl into bed with one of the fifteen (not exaggerating) books i bought today.

i wonder how i'm going to get all this new stuff home.....


Mama said...

You passed up a pair of shoes? I'd better get to church on Sunday--the world is DEFINITELY coming to an end!

da sister said...

I agree with mama

Larry said...

I would think that the Slurpees had a lot to do with the bounding. Call it an educated guess. Now can someone please explain to me about women and shoes cause I own four pair; tennis shoes for eveyday use, my bright orange Chucks cause I could never get them as a kid, a pair of black dress shoes for occasions where they are nessessary, and a pair of hiking boots for camo surveillance.

Yvonne said...

Hahaha. I'm with Larry. I own three pair: tennies, dress shoes, and a pair of boots for dancing. The end.

I agree that you can never have too many books - or CD's. I can NOT walk past a music store, and I always find something new to listen to.

It's great to travel with you. See you tomorrow!

duff said...

ah, my shoe habit. let me first say that i am not the next imelda marcos (take that, mama), as her collection was comprised mostly of dressy, girly shoes, and i could probably count the dress shoes i own on one hand- and the pairs i actually wear more than once a year- one finger.

but, i will concede that i have a lot of tennis shoes. (let's keep my five pairs of doc martens out of this.)

when i was little, we were allowed one pair of shoes at a time- rarely tennis shoes (made our feet widen enough to resemble duck feet), and even more rarely were they dress shoes (just as well- neither my sister nor myself were known to dress up very often). so, one pair each school year (unless we outgrew them) was enough for us.

but then i got a job. in an athletic shoe store.(the now-defunct "athletic attic", to be precise.) suddenly, i had money to spend (though not much), and a 40% discount on tennis shoes.

it all went downhill from there.

which is why, when i'm rich and famous, i will have a house with a large closet, so i can line up all my shoeboxes (and stack the "homeless" shoes on top), and still have room for my collection to expand.

Larry said...

Ah, books did that to me. I worked at Waldenbooks(only 33%, that doesn't include the books with stripped covers) for a few years and until I moved back from Philly I had 4 large bookshelves and 8 small bookshelves plus several unpacked boxes from the move to Philly. I managed to get rid of a lot of them-don't worry I donated them, you can never throw away a book unless nature has rendered it unreadable-because I realized I would never read them again. It was a sad realization.