Friday, May 27, 2005

fish in shallow water

it'll be a quickie tonight, as i have to be at work at an obscene hour tomorrow- maybe i can make it up to you later......

i'm bushed. the last week of school is always a long one, and the kids spent the week bouncing off the walls. too bad we don't get summers off- but at least i won't be stuck in a cubicle like most folks these days.

so, three days off, one day to prepare for summer camp, and then it's a pleasant mix of art, field trips, and outdoor play (featuring the elmo sprinkler, of course) for ten weeks before breaking in a new crop of two year olds.

i will be on the air each of the three days i'm off from school, which thrills me no end. lots of time to practice and perfect my whole radio....thing. rumor has it there will be some pretty big fish listening over the weekend......but no pressure at all- of course. (as long as they don't call in, i'll be fine.)

otherwise, i'm toast. i just don't do well in front of people. i get through my air shifts by fooling myself into thinking no one is listening. if i had to do what i do in front of even one person i don't know, i fear i might have flashbacks to high school speech class, freeze up completely, and come off like the bumbling idiot i (maybe not so-) secretly am.

this could be a problem when i'm rich and famous, but i'll cross that bridge when i find it....another day to make my stand....sorry- had a duran duran moment there for a second.

i actually went out briefly and socialized with some of my coworkers at a pool party i wasn't going to attend, but a good friend was celebrating her birthday and talked me into going. i'm still not up to spending hours on end with coworkers outside of work, but half an hour (after this evening's babysitting gig) was okay.

on that note, i need to abandon this, wrap up a package to send to my dad (one of my gnomads, bodhi, will be accompanying him to his high school reunion in lingle, wyoming in mid-june), and crawl into bed.

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