Monday, May 16, 2005

procrastination and hiking- my two favorite things

i should be on the treadmill right now, but that would most likely involve watching someone else's choice of television programs, and i'd have to change clothes, pick a cd to listen to, find a clean water bottle, et cetera. in short, way too much effort would be involved.

i should probably move the petrified laundry from the washer to the dryer, but that would mean the double load of laundry in the dryer would have to be put away first.

i should be scribbling my information on the avon catalogs piled on the back of the couch, so i can get the heap of deliveries out of my living room tomorrow, but i'd envisioned taking care of that task while sitting in front of the evening news, which didn't happen because i couldn't figure out which combination of remotes needed to be fondled in order to view plain ol' network television.

yep, i live with a guy.

forget "men are from mars, women are from venus" and all of its sequels. i can break down the difference between men and women without making you suffer through 500 pages.

most women, when hooking up a home entertainment center, will connect a dvd player and/or a vcr to the tv. either a cable connection or antenna (if needed) may also be used, but not both. oh, and the tv will probably be somewhere between a 20 inch model and a 30 inch model. however, i know way too many men who feel compelled to buy a big screen tv- the bigger, the better (compensating for something, boys?), and there will be a rat's nest of wires behind this unit, connecting the bigscreen to a cable connection, antenna, dvr, dvd player, at least one vcr (more likely, two), and some sort of stereo system. the number of remotes necessary to control all of this can be a dizzying figure, which is why the anchor filling in for peter jennings went unheard in this abode this evening.

i know, i know, it's a huge overgeneralization, but i think it'll hold up pretty well.

on another note, i was going to talk about saturday's weenie hike (2 miles) yesterday, but somehow i spent two hours blogging about something quite different. (you can scroll down and read the chapterlong post now, if you'd like. this one can wait.........)

done? good- glad you remembered to scroll back up. where was i?

edmund, south carolina, actually. (i'd never heard of it, either.) after i finished my wnok shift saturday afternoon, i drove to a toy store downtown to resupply my gnomad stash, and then jumped in the car with my hiking companions and headed off to the bustling metropolis (great movie!)of edmund,sc- location of peachtree rock preserve, featuring the "world famous" (doubt you've heard of it) peachtree rock.

i have no idea how much time passed before we arrived at our destination, as i dozed off in the backseat of the car.

the preserve actually has not one, but two "peachtree" rocks. (you'll have to forgive me- i couldn't make a peach tree out of either of the formations, though they were still quite interesting.) the first rock we came to (presumably the "world famous" one) was roped off, though that hadn't stopped a few kids from climbing up on top of it, which was strictly prohibited in the list of rules posted at the trailhead.

how horrible is it that i secretly hoped one of those stoned teenagers would fall off the rock and break an arm, or something equally minor but memorable? i'm sure they were responsible for some of the cigarette butts and beverage containers littering the park, too.

peachtree rock

(pic. taken after we'd doubled back and the kids were gone)

after passing the rock, we came upon "the only cascade in the south carolina sandhills or coastal plain", which was a pretty unimpressive waterfall, though it had a nifty hole at the top that i couldn't resist sending a gnomad flying through.

alaska cascade

unchallenged by this easy trail, we plodded on down the path for a good mile or so before arriving at the less famous "little peachtree rock".

little peachtree rock

after snapping a couple of photos (none of me- i looked pretty rough), we continued along the loop, back to the big rock, pictured first in this entry. (on the way, we stopped back at the waterfall, where i tested out the digital camera's video capabilities by filming the girl gnomad (not my favorite style- too pink) floating down the creek and through the hole at the top of the waterfall. i am way too easily amused.

enough procrastination- treadmill time. (it beats the alternative- petrified laundry.)

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