Friday, May 20, 2005

looking for a good time?

grown men are driving in circles- in trucks, no less!- and i am too busy playing on the computer to actually take care of any of the little "projects" i brought with me to work this evening.

ah well, there's always the early shift tomorrow.

i've checked out other blogs. i've spent large amounts of time wondering why anyone would sit by their radio for multiple hours listening to grown men driving around in circles. i've checked my email twelve times. i've checked my counter thirteen times. i've looked at some very brief film reviews. i've stared at my computer screen, mesmerized by lizards. i've caught up on the latest news. i've reminded myself to call heather and wish her a happy belated birthday (oh- and by the way, i'm not going to make it to kansas city this weekend.) about five times. i've gotten sidetracked five times before i made it to my address book to find her number. i've played this game more times than i care to admit. oh- and i'm planning on updating my website before the checkered...or red.....or rainbow- shit- i can't remember- whichever flag it is that signals the end of the race- is flown, dropped, dragged, or simply waved.

accomplishing so much.....yet so little.

that old song, "move out" just popped into my head. i have no idea why. i also have no idea who sang it. please hold while i look it up...

hmmm...not in my favorite musical reference book. therefore, i must do the logical thing.

i must google it. nothing.

i want to say information society did it- but for some reason, i don't think that's quite right.

stuff like this bothers me. if i can't come up with a song's artist and title, i become preoccupied with it. it's an odd quirk, i know- but if you've gotten used to my other ones, i'm sure you'll get over this one, too.

i've been feeling a bit musical this evening- ever since i stopped here. after answering a few musical questions, i'm in the mood for.......musical trivia. care to play along?

1. there was a video in the mid 80s that featured attractive young men jumping out of a black and white comic book, and a woman walking into the book....but in the end was it all a dream? name the band and tune.

2. i found this link for my webpage earlier this evening. it gives me "thriller" flashbacks. speaking of "thriller", whose voice is heard rapping at the end of the song?

3. the actor in question #2 appeared on an episode of the muppet show in the late 1970's. i've been waiting for the episode to be released on dvd, where it will accompany an episode featuring this musician, revered in "wayne's world".

**speaking of muppets, look what i just found. i'm gonzo- how about you?
**but wait- here's another one

you are rizzo the rat.
you have few friends, but are loyal to those you do
have. maybe if you didn't smell like sewage
you would have more.

rodentia digesta lotta grub
brooklyn, usa
favorite movie:
"rat on a hot tin roof"
favorite song:
"the pest is yet to come"
favorite food:
you got it, i'll eat it.
see "favorite food".
"when do we eat?"

What Muppet are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

(i'm officially sidetracked now, so the quiz will only be three questions. if i actually get any responses to it, perhaps i'll create a newer/improved version next week. )
scrolling down google's results for "which muppet are you?", i found various blogs with various results, and then, about halfway down the page, there was this little treasure. i could busy all weekend, taking one trivial internet quiz after another, in an effort to label myself as many different ways as possible.
screw my projects.


Kal said...

1. Take Me On, A-Ha.

2. Vincent Price.

3. Alice Cooper!!!

There, how's that for cultural literacy?

duff said...

yes, yes, and yes.

dammit- i'll have to think of new questions sooner than expected.

UOW said...

You've got some of the most amusing links here.
It's enjoyable, being able to find such a nice blog that's just glittering with all these lovly links!

Ahh maybe this is new-blogger side in but, were it possible, I'd be adding you to a friend's list on here just for being so cool.

duff said...

thanks for the compliments, uow. i'm glad you stopped by.

UOW said...

Expect to see me lurking around off, Lady Duff.

After all, reading this little corner of cyber space is just like reading a good book.
Fun to the end, neh?

duff said...

i was wrong- the title is "situation", and i still haven't figured out who sings it.


Mama said...

The filter on the computer won't allow me to visit the Quizilla site, so I guess I'm doomed to forever wonder which Muppet I am. I think I'm traumatized....

da sister said...

Did mama say filter? if she starts talking about proxies, open ports, ip tables, etc. I'm going to refer her to my company.