Saturday, May 07, 2005

whaddya mean i have to go home?

it seems like my vacation just started yesterday, yet somehow it's time to cram all my stuff (including new acquisitions) into my suitcase, sit on top, and attempt to zip it closed.

this part of vacation always sucks. nothing like having to put away the credit cards, hop a plane (or get into the car), and head back to the real world. ugh.

we managed to squeeze in one last hike today. marble canyon (eastern grand canyon) was out, due to possible thunderstorms, so we went to montezuma's castle and devised plan b.

bodhi at Montezuma's castle

inspired by the scenery in the area, we headed down the road to west clear creek, where we hiked for roughly four and a half hours. at the beginning of the hike, there was an old shack with a dirt roof and cacti growing on top. the roof was in pretty rough shape, but a few prickly pears were easily seen from the path. a few yards down the path, we got our first view of the creek, which we'd eventually cross three times before turning around and heading back to the car.

old shack near West Clear Creek, AZ

at the first crossing, we met a couple who were traveling with their weiner dog. this led our leader to ponder why on earth anyone would bring a dog on a hike if they had to carry it at all times. (this was later replaced by,"you're smoking while hiking?", directed at some colege kids who were randomly wandering around.)

West Clear Creek, AZ

the full trail is 11 miles, but we packed it in after a little over two (time restraints)- so i guess that'll give us something to do next time.

afterwards, we headed to tuzigoot, another set of ruins, where we were told by barney fife that the park had closed five minutes before, "but we'll be open again at 8 a.m.". uh, great- we'll be on a plane back to south carolina by then, dude.

so, we eased our disappointment by driving over to jerome (love that town) and gorging ourselves on fine cuisine at the haunted hamburger. as usual, the place was quite busy, but i figure that allowed ample time for digestion.

i'll get back to eating the healthy stuff when we get home. after all, it's vacation.

and it's almost over. damn.

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