Friday, May 27, 2005

come here often?

i should be in bed. i know this. before i last went to bed (at 3 a.m.), i said to myself,"tonight, i will go to bed early and catch up on all the sleep i missed this week."

i got home before 9, piddled away nearly four hours (blogging, flipping through other blogs, teasing larry, shopping for underwear in my underwear (not really- just marked selected pages and put it in a not-to-be-missed place (on top of the remotes) as a gentle suggestion)) and while i had every intent of going to sleep, somehow the munchies mix (original, with doritoes) started calling my name. i tried eating them in bed, but i wound up with pointy little dorito fragments poking my belly button, so then i figured i'd hop on here and just check my email for a minute and then maybe look to see if anything new has popped up since i last made the round of blogs two hours ago and well- maybe just a quick post......

i'm bordering on pathetic, and i know it.

for some reason, i want to know how badly larry has beaten his car stereo in an attempt to get bono to stop speaking in tongues.

i will not sleep without knowing whether kal is still an insect, or if he's regained his "mollusk" status.

i need to know if nj has finished working on his car yet, so he can resume running over clowns at high speed.

have jo-anne's platonic male friends quit hitting on her yet?

and has citrus started posting again, or is he still in self-imposed exile?

which reminds me- if you witnessed any of his last few posts....well, you know. i think i figured out part of the problem: when you become attached to a blog enough to check in regularly, you tend to feel as if you're getting to know the blogger, simply by reading the words in their blog. (i get that way, anyway.) for me, it was a little unsettling to discover my first comment from someone i barely knew. i mean, here i was, writing all sorts of things- whatever i happened to be thinking about at the time- and suddenly it was as if someone had walked into the room and started reading over my shoulder. while it was a little odd, it didn't change the way i handle my blog- i still write whatever i happen to be thinking about at the time- and none of it is fiction.

the problem with citrus' last days was that i think many folks (more than would care to admit it) read his stories as nonfiction (i sure did- fell for most of his anecdotes hook, line, and sinker), and then when his attempt to flee to canada took some odd twists, people were left feeling confused, and then maybe like been taken advantage of. sort of an "i was honest with you, but i feel like you hid behind your "mask", and i still don't know anything about the "real" you" sort of thing. (sorry- having a terrible time with wording, but hopefully the main thought is coming across. if not, well, it won't be the first time i've gotten people lost in my mind.)

anyway, i suppose where i'm going with all this is to say, "thanks."

thanks for letting me peek inside your world and for caring enough to peek into mine.....even if all i'm doing is rambling about nothing of consequence.


Larry said...

Thank you, also. I have fun reading everyone's blogs. Some are funny, some are not, some honest, some are not, some are even slightly educational.

I enjoy reading and this is a fluid, interactive form of one of my favorite pastimes. As long as you have something to say I will probably be here to read it.

BTW I think you may have just beaten me today. I will have to try harder tomorrow.

Digitalicat said...

Lowly Insect... <sigh /> I remember those days fondly. (Or something like that.) That is so frustrating when you slip down a whole level.

I prefer the cheese flavored Munchies.

And that whole Citrus thing... oy! I think I was more upset by his apology than I was about anything else. I wish he hadn't closed off his comments. I think I'd still like to talk to him.

Digitalicat said...

Well... I'm assuming that Citrus is a "him."

Kal said...

Ahh, and my Lowly Insect status might change if I actually posted, rather than just reading Duff all the time...

da sister said...

All I have to say about the online attachement to others is, don't play that evercrack game. I'll start worrying about you at that point. I knew this guy who lived to play that game and after a couple months he started referring to people that were playing online as "friends". He ended up meeting one of these "friends" at one point, and the dude ended up being like 300 lbs, older, etc. The entire appearance of this guy was the opposite of what he had described himself on the stupid game. Oh, and apparently he was suppose to be a she. (I tried to warn him ahead of time.) It was a little weird. When it comes to the net, treat it like our regular society, don't give away your trust, don't believe everything you hear, and be slightly cynical. That's just my take on the whole thing.

Larry said...

George Clinton is actually a white guy. Can you beleive that? He's a white guy.

duff said...

and a fine actor- you've seen PCU, haven't you?

wait a minute- last i heard, george was in trouble with the law. can you blog from jail?

Digitalicat said...

Actually, yes, you can blog from jail. But only if you can lay some funk on the guards. Guards respect the funk.

duff said...

has anyone else ever wondered what george clinton looks like without the colored weave?

do they allow weaves in jail? what if it adds to the funk, which cannot be denied?

duff said...

eureka! i have found the answer to the first question. well, maybe just the path to the answer.

yes, sports fans, i have found blog jesus.