Wednesday, May 18, 2005

disappointment....and small, green, wise men

basking on the beach......hiking on volcanos.....practicing my hula dancing......

it's not happening anytime soon.

so much for spending half my summer nannying in hawaii. damn.

i'm still going to look into that imaginary girlfriend thing, though.

on the bright side, perhaps i can manage a road trip up to see mama this summer- and take advantage of maine's "lobster roll extra value meal" (i shit you not!)- multiple times. we're looking at day trips to vermont and prince edward island, too.

and i won't have to take a month and a half off from the radio station- which means i'll have more time to hone my skills in the hopes of becoming good enough to earns a full-time slot at some point.

and i can work on building my avon empire....not that i was going to turn down hawaii to work on it, but it is a relief not to have to ask anyone else to take on the responsibility.

i left work early to visit the dentist today. i got a lecture about not brushing the 3 or 4 times a day i'm supposed to (my braces are starting to get a little high-maintainence) and a small lecture on taking my premeds before each visit (couldn't locate the prescription for the refill), but at least i escaped the usual words about flossing- not because i started flossing, mind you, but instead i'm crediting it to the pain in the ass flossing with braces seems to be. sure, i have the little plastic needle i'm supposed to use to thread the floss through my braces.....i also have my morning routine down to fifteen minutes- and would like to keep it that way.

so, i should be in the clear for at least 4 months.

in other news, it seems i will be attending a movie well past my bedtime this evening. my devious master plan was to come home from my dinner elsewhere, sit on my butt and rewatch star wars: attack of the cloones, and then head across town to this evening's premiere of the final film in the series.

that was the plan.

then i got home later than expected, and as soon as i walked in the door, i had to call- who else?- mama, so i could break it to her that i would be spending my summer here, instead of in the pacific. then, i had to check my email and figure out how i missed an order (pre vacation rush, i think), and then i had to check citrus' blog, on the off chance he'd written anything new (he had), and i can't blog and watch a movie at the same time- and i don't really have enough time anyway.

so, i will watch the movie once tonight, and maybe again when it hits the el cheapo teatro. (don't resist the urge to correct my spanish, mama.)

in preparation for the big show, we went out looking for darth tater last night....and came up empty. from what i understand, there's a toys 'r' us somewhere in the state with 5 of the little buggers.....but i'm not quite dedicated enough to the cause to drive a couple of hours for a plastic spud. let darth come to me, dammit!

so, instead i came home with a small yoda. (i like him better anyway.)

which brings to mind a debate we had back in high school.

the summer before my senior year, i realized i needed one more math credit to graduate. i'd already taken algebra II and geometry, so my options boiled down to the hard stuff- trig, calculus, and word problems involving trains speeding toward each other. none of these options sounded good.

then i found a loophole.

i'd taken regular algebra in middle school, so it didn't appear on my high school transcript. so, rather than challenging myself and taking something really hard (which would've landed me in summer school for math- again), i took algebra I, which i coasted through. (i'd already given in to my inner underachiever, so it wasn't really a difficult decision.)

i don't recall too many specifics about the class- i had a terrible crush on the teacher (who also happened to be the advisor for key club, which i joined, but never actually participated in, aside from coming to the meetings) who let me write limericks on the board (that's when i learned "bastard" was a cuss word- i had no idea. i still don't think it should count.), and i sat toward the back of the room with my younger friends james (now somewhere in the middle east) and emily (now somewhere in kansas city).

during class one day, a very important debate was born.

was yoda green, or brown?

i tried to convince my younger peers that yoda was, in fact, green, but they would not hear of it. the debate went on for days, and i don't think it was ever officially resolved, but that was okay. it gave us something to talk about instead of doing our group work.

besides, i was right, which i knew all along.

(i'd email emily and tell her to correct me if i'm wrong on all this, but the computer doesn't seem to want to cooperate- i can't get into my hotmail to look up her email address, and friendster won't let me login to send her a message for some reason. i blame windows xp- which i will never allow to soil my computer.)

anyway, enough webrage. i have a movie to get ready for.


da sister said...

You can have chewie. I claimed Yoda years ago. Or as Yoda might say, "Belong to Diana I do." Sorry bout hawaii. Let me know when you plan on coming through on your way up to Maine.

Larry said...

sorry about hawaii that sounds like it would have been a blast. On the math front I made sure to get it all out of the way as soon as possible. Which really sucked when i got to college because I was lost when I had to take it again after 2 years without. but then again i tested into a lower level math class than i really needed to be in and in the end managed to set the curve on most of the test. So in the long run it was a great decision cause not only did i get the math out early in HS but managed to help my college GPA by testing into a lower class than was really needed to actually learn anything new. Thanks, now I feel like a slacker.