Monday, May 09, 2005

ignorance is bliss?

i'm saving my "real" post for later, but i want to type this in before i forget- it's too priceless.

i just got back from my local sub shop. i'm hungry, and too lazy to drive all the way to the store- plus i had 4 full "sub club" cards to turn in. the last attempted purchase there was at 8:30 p.m. a few weeks back, and the entry into the store was met with "that door should have been locked, because we're closed." (not, this was not on a sunday, either.)

anyway, i felt like a footlong (or two- i share), so i pulled open the door- complete with a "help wanted" sign scrawled in red crayon- wandered past the lounging employee, and headed to the counter to begin the five-minute process of figuring out which subs i wanted. as the "sandwich artist" created my subs, i happened to glance over by the cash register, where another note was scrawled in crayon:

1. count all the money
2. subtract $150 dollars
3. take the subtracted amount out of the draw (sic)
4. make final night deposit
5. take 1 minute read

all i can say is, wow.

i thought about applying (babysitting has been slow lately), but i'm afraid i'm a little overqualified.

ok- my footlong italian sub awaits. i'll be back later to delight you with my semi-amusing sprinkler story.

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sojourning crow said...

ah., it's the simple things in life.