Thursday, October 20, 2005

the comeback kid

stolen from lbseahag:

10 things i wish would make a comeback

1. doc martens in odd colors/fabrics/patterns
2. the muppet show
3. jem dolls- i always wanted the one with blue hair. (i think aja was her name.)
4. michael hutchence
5. square one (the late 80's math show on pbs)
6. low airfares
7. absolut vodka ads
8. electric youth fragrance- i'm running a little low.
9. airwalks in unusual fabrics
10. dr. ruth

oh, and while i'm borrowing from other websites, i found this one over at rose colored beer goggles:

You are

and on that note, i'm heading for bed early. (hnt should be up saturday, if not earlier, if you're into all that.)


Labbie said...

Oh, I could twist that crayon color in so many ways, Duff... I am reminded of Aerosmith's "Pink", and I have yet another suggestion in my head for my weekly dramatic reading ;)

Dr. Ruth? Seriously?

bricotrout said...

"spank me pink"? shouldnt that be "spank me purple and blue with brown spots here and there" and how did you answer your questions to get THAT color. duff has a naughty side!

duff said...

i need to add

11. huey lewis and the news

as for the crayon, i don't recall exactly how i answered. to tell you the truth, i was trying for purple, but kept getting grey and was a compromise.

my naughty side stays under wraps- after all, my entire immediate family reads this thing.....

ltlme said...

i'm tin man's johnson silver.....that's just wrong

Madge said...

get out with #5. i just imdb'ed mathnet, from my square one days, a few days ago.

"The story you are about to see is a fib, but it's short. The names are made up, but the problems are real."

i loved that freaking show!!! coincidentally, i still hate math. go figure.

Stef said...

might be hard for Michael Hutchence to make a comeback, seeing that he's no longer among the living...

I used to watch Square One with my older boys when they were younger. I always wondered what happened to it. I liked that show. I would have watched it even if I didn't have kids!