Wednesday, October 12, 2005

the hunter-gatherer has returned!

that would refer to me, which i know is not how it traditionally goes, but SO can't pick out produce to save his life (he'll freely admit it- just ask him), so when we need veggies, i'm the one schlepping the card around kroger.

and schlep, i did.

our last trip to the grocery store was a good 2 or 3 months ago, mostly because my schedule was so busy that i wasn't getting home until 11 (or later) at night, and who wants to cook at 11 at night? (disregard the fact that i'm cooking now- i'm multitasking, as i'm trying to scribble down avon orders and talk on the phone while cooking. i'm on "blog break" right now.....or something like that.)

anyway, it's been a while since i last made it to the store, but my schedule has since changed (ahem- for the better), and i have time to cook again, which means maybe i can wean SO off of his steady diet of fried crap, which has contributed to his ever-expanding waistline.

after several near-collisions with the driver who couldn't settle on a parking space (for one frightening moment, i though his big-ass truck was going to wind up next to mine....but then he saw a handicapped space more suited to his special needs), i grabbed a cart out of the parking lot (yep- i'm one of those people), and headed in toward fruits and veggies and other healthy delights to please the palate. kroger added an "exotic" fruits and vegetables section to their produce department, and i have long awaited the day that i'd find some lonely pomegranate, begging to be taken home.

friends, today was that day. (and tomorrow will be the day i find out how many pomegranate seeds i can get stuck in my braces....but that's okay- i'm prepared, as i bought a spiffy new toothbrush which looks like a regular brush, yet vibrates. i figure this'll inspire me to brush my teeth enough to make the orthodontist happy, and therefore earn my colored bands back. oh- and this toothbrush is supposed to clear out plaque between my teeth even better than flossing does, which is great, because, quite frankly, the only time my teeth have ever been flossed is at the dentist, and i'm certainly not going to do it now that i have to use this flexible little plastic needle to thread the damned floss through the brackets.)

so anyway, i adopted a pomegranate, as well as a baby pineapple, the likes of which i'd never seen before, but it looked like a good size for a picture with bodhi.....perhaps we'll explore that the next time i go shopping.

i also bought artichokes (my favorite veggie, just in case you ever invite me over for dinner), snapn beans (steaming as we speak), broccoli (i have a great recipe that involves butter, lemon juice and horseradish- it and the broccoli are becoming fast friends in the fridge right now), grapes, avocados, tomoatoes (homemade guacamole, anyone?).....well, you get the picture.

seventy-six dollars later, i'm back at home, cooking up a storm (just in case i'm home too late tomorrow i'm procrastinating when it comes to this avon order), and running a load of dishes so i might be able to match up enough plasticware lids and bowls to be able to store all this stuff.

now if you'll excuse me, i have to create some sort of "nasty ol' experiment" (that's what my parents used to reply when we asked what was for dinner....i mean when the answer wasn't "food") involving chicken, canned soup, corn, and the mushrooms i just bought.....and maybe salsa, because, quite frankly, salsa makes everything better.

but i digress......


ltlme said...

you remember our days making "diet sandwiches". I still can't believe dad went along and ate them. That was better than mom's response...something to do with "diet" being the right word. Who wouldn't want to eat pickles, onions, american cheese, ketchup, bbq sauce and mustard slapped between two slices of bread?

Digitalicat said...

You're right. Everything is better with salsa.

duff said...

sibling: i could totally go for a diet sandwich right about now.

digi: how about salsa con queso?

word verification: vball
something recognizable, for once!

Dirty Gypsy said...

I love pomegranates! Man, I'm jealous. And I want your broccoli recipe - that sounds yummy.

Oh, and on yesterday, they linked to an article that talked about how people voted the artichoke the "most irritating vegetable". Made me laugh.

Dirk the Feeble said...

I go to the grocery store once a month and spend $200 usually. That makes it to where I don't have to go back again for a long, long time.

Kristi said...


its the only time i can justify spending wads of money and its all for good!

The Queen's gotta eat!

bricotrout said...

you realize that when you take a cart from the lot youre risking somebody's job? those people work hard for their $. do you think that when they no longer have a job to do and get canned that the cost of fresh produce will go down? hell no! the suits pocket that change my dear. youre being part of the problem not the solution!!

just thinking said...

I wish I could get by with $76. That might do us for a week ??

jamwall said...

the "adopt a pemmegranate program" that's a very tasty cause.

(am i supposed to eat my adoptees?)

Labbie said...

Salsa even made dancing fun and sexy... Well, my dancing, anyway.

LBseahag said...

Whoah...all that talk about healthy food was thankfully purged out of my mind by a Nachos Bell Grande and a Choco-taco..

duff said...

dirty gypsy: recipe? i don't actually use recipes...i tend to throw stuff together and hope for the best.

however, i think i may have that one stuck on the side of my refrigerator. i'll check it when i get home.

armaedes: $200? i could spend that quite easily. however, when i only have a spare $80 in my checking account.......

kristi: can i borrow the queen for my next shopping trip? i need help pushing the second cart.

bricotrout: uhm...i only return carts when those cart-returners are on break.

just thinking: don't feel bad- we're going on a non-produce trip as soon as i get off work today.....this could get exopensive, unless taquitoes are on sale.

jamwall: you're not "eating" them- you're "providing shelter" your stomach.

lab boy: i'm not sure whether or not that's something i want to witness.

lbseahag: i could go for a nachos bellgrande right now...and about 4 hard tacos.....and a chilito.

Stef said...

you only go grocery shopping every 2 to 3 months? Damn, girl, how do you manage that?! And you only spent $76? I go shopping for a week and spend a hell of a lot more than that! But then, I have hungry teenagers to feed. I think my 14 year scarfed down a whole bag of walmart cookies the other day...I don't remember getting any of them.

duff said...

i only bought produce. however, yesterday's trip was a little more expensive- $180 or so.