Saturday, October 22, 2005

odds and ends....

"can i take a nap in your uterus?"

i'm not quite sure why that phrase just came to mind, but a friend of mine used it fairly regularly in high school.

however, this won't be one of those "memory" posts- i'm not awake enough to do it justice. (i have got to start getting more sleep.)

i've been slacking off lately. i find myself saying, "i really need to _________ this weekend", and then i wind up piddling my time away and having nothing to show for it. (i take that back- this blog caught the attention of at least 50 people every day this week- which i suppose i can take a small amount of credit for.)

however, this week, i managed to activate my new credit card (i was holding off until i got the previous card paid off), which i am carefully resisting the urge to use to purchase another pair of these bouncy adidas that i'm currently sporting.

i also...uh....well, i did a few loads of laundry, spent an evening cooking, gave a friend a much-needed break so she wouldn't fall off the wagon, and made it to the treadmill once.

ten things i really need to do this weekend

1. get caught up on birthday cards. i mean, i haven't written any since the end of july. this is getting embarrassing.)

2. start entering in the next avon maybe i won't be up till 4 a.m. again this wednesday.

3. go to the toy store and buy a few more gnomads, so i can

4. put together packages for friends whose birthdays i missed have not recognized yet.

5. which reminds me- i need to update both my photo blog and bodhi's blog, since i've got two celebrity pictures to upload, as well as an hnt shot and the rest of my daily photos from this past week.

6. scribble on avon catalogs, so maybe i can get them passed out before the new order goes in.

7. read the magazines i've been dragging around in my bag for the past month.

8. shovel out my room

9. sleep....i'm on auto-pilot today

10. make salsa

(perhaps i'll post a photo of each as it gets accomplished....then again, that would make 11 things on my list.)

while i work on that pile o' stuff, here are a few things to keep you occupied:

*it's sentence saturday over at bricotrout's blog.

*freud will be available to answer your burning questions later on today.

*blog jesus is also available to answer your queries, though i believe he's spending his weekend tracking hurricane wilma.

*this made me laugh so hard that soda went up my nose.

*see? i'm not the only one to come up on weird searches.

*this is a neat concept that could really use your support.

*your chariot looks like a mustang cobra compared to some of these.

*if you click nothing else, at least check this out.

time to get crackin'......


mister mysterio said...

im back from holidays which means back to work and back to getting caught up on blogs (both others and my own). given how faithfully you update yours ive got quite a bit of reading to do. just wanted to drop a line.

jamwall said...

gnomads? for your blog doll features?

i always thought there should be a new character in your long running doll epic. just don't get the ted mcginley doll!

duff said...

mister mysterio: good to have you back. you'll be interested in my next edition of "you searched for what???", believe me.

jamwall: bodhi's been around for a while. i've actually got two others- links are provided to all three of their "official" webpages on bodhi's blog.

actually, i'm stocking up on gnomads after work to give as gifts, so maybe i can finish off a few half-filled birthday presents and get them mailed sometime in the (hopefully) near future.

Sherri said...

In the same boat as you, let me tell you. I always have a list of stuff that never gets fully completed.

Gareth said...

Hey Duff, first comment on your blog, awwwww, lol.
I checked out your pics too. Nice. Really cool.
Saying hi from Northern Ireland.

duff said...

sherri: i figure if i can get half of it sone this weekend, i'm doing pretty well.

gareth: hello there. glad you could find your way over here. i've enjoyed reading your comments on other blogs, and am honored you felt inspired to comment on mine.

now, back to that list........