Saturday, October 15, 2005


i didn't fall off the face of the earth- just decided sleep was more important than firing up the ol' computer the past couple of days. interestingly enough, i had the highest number of visitors on thursday, when i had nothing new to say. go figure.

ten things i've learned in the past week

1. it is possible to write an entire post on grocery shopping and forget to include the inspiration for the post....has anyone else noticed the lack of free toys in cereal boxes? how come they make you send away for the toys? wtf is that about?

2. "dandy highwaymen" would make a great name for a band. (i'm sure there's already an adam ant cover band who took this idea and ran with it.)

by the way, does anyone know which 90s music group covered "stand and deliver" on their breakthrough album?

3. "easy lover" is credited to philip bailey, not phil collins. (who knew?)

4. even with a head start, i can't get my hnt picture posted on time.

5. need to change bathroom fixtures? thanks to this week's crash course, i'm your girl.

6. the girl down in apartment 515 is a screamer with a talented significant other.

7. the dj on before me on saturday mornings is hard of hearing. (note to self: always check volume before putting on headphones.)

8. "my name is earl" is pretty freaking funny.

9. adding a brand new maroon blanket to a random load of laundry- just to make the load "worthwhile"- is never a good idea. (just trust me on this one, okay?)

10. clorox bleach pens are fine and beautiful things. (no- that's not how i fixed the pink laundry....i swear.)

i'm working all weekend (between rounds of sentence saturday, of course), so chances are good that this won't be the last you hear from me today.


Stef said...

Re: #9 on your list: been there, done that, never did it again. I ruined a sweater that way once. When I taught the older boys about doing laundry (courtesy of spending time in laundromats with bored pre teens), Reds are their own load, even if it's only one item. To my knowledge, at ages 19 and 22, they haven't ruined any nice white clothing yet.

duff said...

i wash the maroon stuff separately at home, but at work, i've gotten used to washing everything together, as i've been told there's never been a problem with colors running.

so much for that.

Jo said...

Oh, Duff! Your poor clothing. And you KNOW that the reason you had so many visitors on Thursday was because of HNT.....

Carla said...

Love, love, love "My Name Is Earl." The episode this past week was particularly great.

And thanks for getting "Easy Lover" stuck in my head!

ltlme said...

:( thought there might be more posts.

duff said...

jo: not my por clothing- my bosses' poor clothing. (oops.)

as for the increased traffic, the hnt pictures are on my phot blog.....unless some of those onlookers got curious and peeked over here. i'll have to doub;e-check statcounter.

carla: i'm going to make it a point to be home at 9 on tuesday so i can catch the next episode.

sibling: nah- nothing new. i piddled the day away, then threw down another $180 at the grocery store before heading across town for evening babysitting.

i'll try to do better today.

freewriter said...

hey, look at the bright side: easier color coordination!

duff said...

yeah....good thing they weren't my clothes- i don't wear pink.