Thursday, August 04, 2005

you searched for what???

it's amazing the way folks find my blog.

recent searches discovered while snooping through my statcounter account:

duff gets new teeth
hmmm...and this didn't show up during my recent googlism?

im a barbie girl in a barbie world song
hopefully, they found what they were looking for here.

amanda peet feet sole foot
(if you follow the link, you should note that it seems to be a greek version of google, and that i'm the first entry on the second page of results.....above dave barry. surreal.)

female in thongs getting wedgie
who's the freak in california that actually searched for this? and, oh, the company i have on the results page......

fraggle rock dog sprocket! (sorry- had to share with the class.) thanks for the comment that landed me on that search, kal.

oh- that reminds me- i've left musical geekery, part deux unresolved. guess i should keep better track of these things, eh?

general public ----> fine young cannibals
english beat ----> big audio dynamite

when the english beat split up in 1983, dave wakeling and ranking roger formed general public, while andy cox and david steele formed fine young cannibals with roland gift. (by the way, the name "fine young cannibals" was taken from a 1960 film starring natalie wood and robert wagner.)

mick jones (of the clash and later, big audio dynamite) played on general public's 1984 debut album- which featured the single "tenderness".

the doors ---->simple minds

billy idol covered both "l.a. woman" (the doors) and "don't you (forget about me)"- they're both on his greatest hits album from a couple years ago.

duran duran ---->a-ha

i can't spoil this yet- somewhere out there, there's a james bond fan with the answer.

madonna ---->cyndi lauper
i said this one was for kal, and he didn't disappoint. haul out your copy of weird al yankovic's "dare to be stupid" and prepare to kick yourself.

that's all for now- i have some leads on the size of amanda peet's feet to check out, thanks to the mysterious greek googler.


bricotrout said...

duran duran did the theme song to A View to a KIll and A-Ha did the theme song to Living Daylights.
And you WERE alive for the challenger explosion if you were around for reagan's assasination attempt as well as both of these fine films.
Heres one for you: Simple Minds -> Kinks. good luck

duff said...

i was around for the challenger explosion....but i thought you asked about the first shuttle liftoff- that one's a little iffy, since i can't remember when the first one was sent up. (1977? 1979?)

i found the answer to your little pairing- and a little brass in my pocket- but i won't spoil the answer, in case kal wants a crack at it.

Anonymous said...


bricotrout said...

i meant the first liftoff. i said the explosion but meant liftoff. reagan and it were roughly the same time.
you are also correct about the answer. youre special!

Justin said...

How did you find out the google searches leading people to your page? This seriously looks like a ton of fun, I'd love to do this for my blog!


duff said...

i use statcounter to keep track of visitors to my blog, and it has a neat little feature where i can see how folks found their way to my blog.