Saturday, August 20, 2005

contain yourself

i've been out of action for a couple of days, and now i'm at a loss as to what to pound out for today's entry.


i'm afraid i'm a little distracted- i had a stressful evening last night- there was a definite lack of communication that resulted in yours truly wasting a great deal of time. sometimes i wonder if boys think.

i know, i know- mars, meet venus.


anyway, a stressful couple of hours paired with a late night (but it was a good late night- i'm not really complaining about that part), and having to drag myself to work after four hours of sleep (still not complaining- after all, it pays the bills) and the fact that my favorite bra seems to be on a mission to impale my right armpit....

yeah, i'm a little distracted.

*poke* *poke*

speaking of bras (oh, the searches i'm going to wind up on now), this one's driving me bonkers. why is it that my favorites are always the ones to develop "creeping underwire" issues? no matter how much i try to stuff the wire back into its former home, it refuses to comply and resumes poking my armpit- as if to mock me. i'm currently considering two options:

~having a new foundation undergarment brought to me during my next radio shift (an hour and a half from now. my how time flies), though it'll most likely be black, and the shirt i'm wearing is white....well, partially white.

~yank this offending bra off and out a sleeve, and do without. (after all, i'm no penny. small children will not be harmed if i free-boob it the rest of the day.)

*poke* *poke* *poke*

arrrgh! that's it! perhaps that's a "picture of the day" as well.)

so, to update my shopping list, that's:

~jeans (i'm wearing the pair done in by the cow as we speak, since they're comfortable, and anyone close enough to notice the rips better at least be on a first-name basis with yours truly)
~a new white bra*

*preferably with all wires being of the internal, not external sort, at least while this gaping wound in my armpit heals.

you know what i just realized? i still haven't posted a baby picture yet. i need to get on that. i doubt it'll happen today, though- i've got a long day ahead of me. perhaps when i get home tonight, i can pick out a few pictures and get SO to scan them in for me while i'm toiling away here again tomorrow. (the rest of the entry's written- i just need to get around to adding the visual aids.)

speaking of entries i'm working on, i'm already halfway through the next installment of "you searched for what???" all i can say is

some of you people are freaks.

while you wait for my next installment, feel free to peruse the first three links to the left, as well as this site.


bricotrout said...

i can work that into my blind date habbits somehow im sure. tell me again exactly where you work. ;)

duff said...

but if you worked that into your blind dating repertoire, then you'd have 11 habits.....and we all know you like nice, neat lists of 10, not 11.

Labbie said...

May I come along on this bra hunt? ;)

duff said...

you want to help hunt for a new one? sure.

as for the old one, it'll be found on the photo blog in a few minutes, i believe.

Tony said...

Hey Duff,

I enjoyed reading your blog. You have a great style about you.

mister mysterio said...

thanks for checking out my site and leaving a comment. i'll be sure to keep coming back and checking yours out. those gnomes are hilarious. geat pic on your photoblog with that girl looking over at them not knowing what to think. youll have to check out my archives for july and see the gnome pics ive taken so far.
- nathan

Anonymous said...

I am not a freak!

Yeah, ... well ... so are you! :p

duff said...

tony: i enjoy seeing new faces here- welcome.

have a good vacation....hope you're able to wear shoes again by then.

nathan: i'm glad you were curious enough to stop by. i have more gnome pictures on bodhi's blog. (which reminds me- i need to update that one of these days....)

kunstemaecker: actually, i wasn't referring to you- the search i had in mind was actually from someone in dubai, i believe.

unless you want to take credit for "barazilian videos" featuring one body part in particular, of course......

Pink Glitter Rock'n Roll said...

Just wanted to say HELLO- Thanks for stopping by!

Jo said...

I also wanted to say hello! I hope that you don't mind that I've put a link up on my blog...thanks for leaving a comment! We seem to have a lot in common....large collections of unwatched DVD's, etc!!!

Rabbit said...

I HATE underwire bras! If it weren't for the fact that you can use the offending bit of metal to pick locks, I'd give up on them altogether.

duff said...

wait a minute- i can use the runaway wire to pick locks?

i am totally going to try that after work tonight.

Stef said...

Don't ya just loooove those bras that poke you in places at all the wrong times (NOT!)? I'm a little too busty to "free-boob it", as I might get A) arrested, B) molested, or C)be told that I really need to wear a brassiere every day (like someone needs to tell this gal at school...and it ain't going to be me. She already thinks I hate her). Of course, I know lots of guys who like that sort of thing, as do we all I'm sure.