Monday, August 15, 2005

short, but sweet

this'll be short, since i'm kind of wiped out. however, i was just sitting here trying to sum up my day, and thought maybe you could just do it for me....

write down the first thing that comes to mind when you see

big bug::

i know it's not a full ten items, but my day wasn't that interesting. leave your answers in the comments- i'll try to add mine either during tomorrow's lunch break, or else after work.


bricotrout said...

mondays: boomtown rats
music: well, right now it would be boomtown rats
big bug: that snl skit with fred armisted
water: lilly
elmo: doing his voice for laughs in the middle of intimacy
telephone: conspiracy
beans: musical
bed: cold, empty

Labbie said...

Mondays: Here we go again!
Music: "Coming out of my cage, and I've been doing just fine... Gotta! Gotta be down because I want it all!"
Big Bug: That spider that came down the tree as I was running on the trail the other day. The sucker was huge!
Water: Propel Fitness Water, from the makers of Gatorade. Kiwi-Strawberry flavor.
Elmo: Annoying!
Telephone: Verizon... Whose spokesperson is, apparently, Darth Vader.
Beans: Pheeeeeew! DO NOT GO IN THERE!!
Bed: Hmmm... Cake. (Whereby cake means sex.)

Stef said...

mondays:: let's get it over with already!
music:: life without it is a waste
big bug:: flush it down the toilet!!
water:: raining buckets
elmo:: tickle me
telephone:: the bane of my existance before the internet
beans:: mmmm, fiber
bed:: nite y'all! :)

freewriter said...

mondays::jamaican man days
music::jew's harp
big bug::dig dug

Motherdear said...

big bug::hmmmmm...200 legs...
telephone:: :-P~~~~~*

Danikabur said...

mondays:: Shit
music:: Love
big bug:: Ick
water:: Refreshing
elmo:: Annoyingly cute
telephone:: DJman
beans:: Fart
bed:: Comfy

duff said...

mondays :: office space
music :: always
big bug :: what was that thing?
water :: ocean
elmo :: sprinkler
telephone :: 2 a.m. calls in college
beans :: jelly belly
bed :: need to spend more time there

that's what came to mind today- not necessarily what best describes yesterday...though elmo and the not-quite two year olds got along well in the 95-degree heat.

Larry said...

mondays::also office space
big bug::the cocka-roaches(Jose jalepeno on a stick)
elmo::fire(as in St. Elmo's Fire)
telephone::talkin to friends
beans::refried(make me gassy)

duff said...

jose jalepeno (on a steeek)


i saw that comedian (the name escapes me) in college.

Dirty Gypsy said...

mondays:: Blue Monday
music:: "Sweet Charity", Mr. Bungle
big bug::Oh, crap!
water::I need to drink more of it.
elmo::Oh, crap!
beans::"I like refried beans. That's why I wanna try fried beans, because maybe they're just as good and we're just wasting time..." (Sorry, been on a Mitch Hedberg-kick lately.)
bed::I can't wait to move so that I can actually sleep in mine again.

(And that comedian's name is Jeff Dunham.)

DrM2B said...

mondays:: suck!
music:: essential
big bug:: Creek (actually exists in AZ)
water:: refreshing
elmo:: laughter
telephone:: beeeep
beans:: the magical fruit
bed:: King size, lots of pillows, puppies, and 1000 count sheets ....ahhhhhh