Sunday, August 14, 2005

i'm it!

i've been tagged by kal.

ten songs i'm currently listening to:

1. "don't change"- inxs

it counts if it's playing in my head right now, right? (what do you mean you don't ever have that problem?)

2. "rebel L"- from the sesame road cd

yep, i listen to sesame street songs all day, now that school's underway again. my talent for singing along with every sesame street tune has earned me admirers (under the age of ten) and detractors (everyone else) alike.

3. "lies" - emf

remember them? well, anything i think about sesame street, i think of emf, because on their schubert dip album, they had a bit between songs that involved ernie and bert. why do i think about "lies"? well, because everyone else thinks about "unbelievable", and i have to be different.
(it's been far too long since i last listened to that album, come to think of it.)

4. "sugar, we're goin' down"- fall out boy

this is one we recently added to the playlist at wnok, and i dig it. i played it three times this weekend.....not that i kept count, of course.

5. "feel good time"- gorillaz featuring de la soul

here's another one added to the playlist in the past couple of weeks. i recently read something saying that the gorillaz are planning on touring to support their new album. it's an interesting thought, considering the band members are cartoons.

6. "don't cha"- pussycat dolls

i've mentally directed a music video for this, (unfortunately, before i can make the video a reality, i need to hop on the treadmill for an extended period, get a camera, and locate the pair of fishnets that's been m.i.a. since we moved into the current apartment a couple of years ago. oh- and i suppose i'll have to learn how to walk in stillettos. damn- that sounds like a lot of work.)

7. "somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world"- israel kamakawiwo'ole

this one's on one of the naptime cds i made for school. i keep meaning to buy the facing future cd, but i'm currently avoiding best buy like the plague, as i never make it out of there for less than $100.

8. "mr. brightside"- killers

i like the whole hot fuss cd, but this song's the most fun to sing with a bad british accent.

9. "good times" - tommy lee featuring butch walker

you've most likely seen the movie, are eagerly awaiting the t.v. show, and out comes this very un-tommylike single.

it certainly doesn't hurt that butch walker's all over this-i dig him.

10. "my way" - butch walker

speaking of butch, i bought his left of self-centered cd a while back, and i finally split open the cellophane on it yesterday. this is my new alarm clock song.

since everyone and their mother's done this one, the only person i can think to tag is shaun, but i'd hate to make him post ahead of his quarterly schedule.


Carla said...

Oh, I like "Mr. Brightsides" too, and it's cool that Eric Roberts has put his TV career on hiatus for such a lucrative turn in music videos!

freewriter said...

now there's something to contemplate: duff in stilletos and fishnets.

Digitalicat said...

If we say please, will you post an audio file of you singing in a bad British accent?

Labbie said...

Why do I like "Feel Good, Inc" too? Glad you asked! Because it manages to kick in right at mile number 5 of my daily ten-miles for the Marathon.
I think I like you more now... More than yesterday, anyway. :p

Kal said...

Iz does a neat version of "Take me home, county road" on Facing Future, but a lot of the other songs on the disk are pretty different from "Somewhere/wonderful world".

I spent ten hours on the road to DC listening to, among other things, the Darkwing Duck theme song, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so don't let them get you down!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love Gorillaz. Great choices, though I question Tommy Lee...? Heehee. ;)

Larry said...

That FOB song is awesome

Motherdear said...

Okay, possibly ten more songs and artists that The Fossil knows nothing about...although, if Somewhere / Wonderful World is the song used in Meet Joe Black (one of my favorite films), then that one I've heard of and love. But is it? (She asks, sheepishly...)

Motherdear said...

Oooh, I followed your link, and it is, it is that song. I am going to order this CD!! I LOVE this CD!!! Thank you, Duff!!!

duff said...

carla: i like "somebody told me", too- not in the least because it reminds me of "boys and girls" by blur, which i'm sure few folks out there have ever heard.

freewriter: if i ever find my fishnets and master the art of walking gracefully in stilettos, i'll be sure to post a picture in your honor.

digi: as much as i adore i try to keep my singing confined to the shower.

lab boy: thanks for pointing out i jacked up the gorillaz title. "feel good, inc." is what i meant, not to be confused with "feel good time", which was pink's contribution to the charlie's angels 2 soundtrack.

and you like me more today than yesterday...but not as much as tomorrow, right?

kal: darkwing duck? you are my hero. i used to love that show.

jurgen nation: it's the combination of tommy lee and butch walker that landed that one on my list. i love me some butch walker.........

larry: glad you agree.

motherdear: you're quite welcome.....just another of the services i provide.

Digitalicat said...

You only sing in the shower? That doesn't mean you can't sing for me...

duff said...

you raise a good point, digi. however, you're on vacation now, and by the time you get back, i'm sure you will have forgotten all about this little conversation.