Saturday, August 06, 2005

deja vu all over again

it's happened again.

you see, i hadn't planned on writing two bathroom-related posts in a row. however, i'm afraid this time, it's unavoidable.

i wandered across the building for a quick between-song whiz (i mean, uh, girls don't do that kind of stuff), and as soon as i opened the door, i was greeted with "what are you doing?"

now, if this sounds familiar to some of you longtime readers out there, that's because it is an eerily familiar situation.

fortunately, i stopped myself from answering, saving me the inevitably awkward responses.

"well, i can only be in here for a couple of reasons, so after i find myself a dry seat, i figure i'll take care of matters so i can continue to play music without having to perform "the pee pee dance" while doing so."

long pause.

"uh, i wasn't talking to you."

followed by (in a hushed tone):

"i'll call you back. someone's in here listening to our supersecret conversation, despite the fact that i'm practically calling trains in an effort to cover up the uh, *coughing* background noise and i'm actually loud enough that my coworkers have left their cubicles and are huddled by the water fountain outside this bathroom, hanging on every sordid detail of who/what i did last night."

okay- maybe i'm exaggerating a little, but not much.

the conversation was still going strong when i left.....and the party at the local end of the line seemed quite comfortable at their perch. i'm hoping they notice the friendly reminder on their way out.


ltlme said...

non-entry related, but I'm digging the cow pic. diana loves the cows!!! mooooooooooooooo

duff said...

yes- the infamous cow statue...where my last pair of jeans made a most unsettling ripping noise.

i was tired of my two-year old profile picture, and this seemed decent enough.