Monday, August 29, 2005

giving into peer pressure and facing my mortality

due to great demand (well, peer pressure is more like it), here are a few photos from days gone by. please refrain from pinching my cheeks. thanks.

my "coy baby" look

with mama, before i gave her grey hair

my brief foray into interior decoration

please- no photos! well, okay- maybe if i close my eyes you won't see me.

and at the other end of the spectrum, while bloghopping recently, i found this:

I am going to die at 88. When are you? Click here to find out!

and, taking off in another direction, i came upon this:

Sophia Petrillo
Which Golden Girl Are You?

which reminds me- i finally saw part of the pam anderson weenie roast last week. (well, i guess it wasn't technically a "weenie" roast- unless you count the comments that were made regarding about 3% of tommy lee.) at any rate, i am still trying to get over the shock of hearing bea arthur saying words that i didn't think she knew.

perhaps washing my ears out with soap would help.


bricotrout said...

i am convinced now that a courtney love reality show would get outer stellar ratings!!!
who wouldnt watch that trian wreck waiting to happen! she was more entertaining than anything else there. and thats a statement cause the whole show was funny!

ltlme said...

not fair! you have a good pic with mama!!!!!!

Kal said...

awww..... how cute (I was talking about Sophia... Got a thing for old ladies. They seem so grateful)


I really gotta stop blogging with the wife around.

Madge said...

baby duff is a baby doll!

Labbie said...

You cute little thing, you! Unlike some of us, you got cuter with time...

Stef said...

what a cutie! maybe i'll be brave one day and post my baby pics.

bricotrout said...

duff, looking at your baby pics im reminded of a line from family guy:
Stewie (meeting another female infant) "ooh, SOMEONE'S got a stinky diaper... god, why does THAT turn me on?!"

.: raven :. said...

awww how cute!!

what was the Pam Anderson Weenie Roast?

did i miss something?

Rabbit said...

I don't think I even HAVE any baby pictures of me. I guess that means either my mother won't part with them, or I'm adopted.

Motherdear said...

duff, this blogsite has been nominated by at least one of your peers for Best Comedic Blogsite on The Order Of Brilliant Bloggers.
Please feel free to visit and vote by September 5th at!!! And congratulations!!!

Motherdear said...

Face it, girl, you have MULTIPLE nominations for both your sites and for individual blogs. Your peers note your excellence!! Again, congratulations!!!

Blossom said...

cute snaps :)