Thursday, August 18, 2005

you searched for what??? (part 3)

how do i love statcounter's ability to tell me some of the crazy stuff folks search for to get to my blog? let me count the ways......

fetish zoo

i don't know where to start with this one. the link brought up results 71-80, yet i was not on the page? have i moved up or down? too bad i'm too lazy to hunt myself down and find out the answer.

random abandoned shoes

you know, if this keeps showing up, it's going to start looking like one heck of a running joke.
on the bright side, i'm result #9! (i wonder how many more to get first place?)

stasia micula pictures

another recurring search. i'm beginning to wonder- did samantha fox drop her nom de porn, or what?

on the other hand, it's nice to see i'm in the top 10 on a polish search, even if it's for dirty pictures of someone else.

could anyone tell me mick mars email address

i kid you not- someone actually searched for this.....and somehow wound up here (after checking out the 43 results ahead of me, no doubt).

what are the bets they want to send him some fantastic offer that'll make him "bigger, longer, stronger" and "earn big bucks working from home!" ?

while we're at it......

quizilla mick mars daughter

two mick mars searches in less than a week......those interviews must be paying off.

fuddruckers calories

woo hoo! not only am i (somewhat) entertaining, but people also come to me for important nutritional info.

let me state for once and for all: i have absolutely no idea what the caloric content of fuddruckers' cuisine might be. no idea. none. nada. however, i feel that making a small salad from the fixins bar should balance out the pile of mayo, cheese sauce, and other delights i pile atop my burger.....and anyone who tries to claim otherwise will wind up with a cheese-covered fry up their nose.

woodlawn senior high

i didn't go to this school in the baltimore suburbs, though i would have, had we not moved. did i blog about that before? i don't recall........

believe it or not im walking on air

hang on- someone (besides myself) is actually geeky enough to search for this? ...and i came up as the second result? i must find a way to knock off the site ahead of mine. after all, i doubt they're as entertaining as i am.

note: this search has popped up three times in the past week. i wonder if the sales of "the greatest american hero" season 1 dvd set reflect this sudden curiousity. hmmmmmmmm.........

this wasn't a search- just someone who liked my blog enough to put up a link. i'm honored. (i also need to brush up on my foreign language skills, i think.)

here's another blogger who liked me enough to put up a link. (if this continues, i might start to believe that people actually read this thing.......then i'd get performance anxiety and.....)


bricotrout said...

... i never thought i could feel so freeeeeee.
believe it or not its just meeeeee.
thank you joey scarbury!
(and you thought YOU were geeky!!- i didnt have to look that up!)

Motherdear said...

I loved Greatest American Zero!! Brings back memories of happy days when my kids were little and life was full of hope.

It's so cool you're getting so much traffic. But then, you are a great read, so it's only fitting!

Larry said...

Wait, now when people search for "Performance Anxiety" you are going to be there. Hehe.

That is entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I don't read your blog ever, and I haven't even mentioned the comments I never write.

Callie said...

I just want to know . . . how did a gal from Argentina come across your blog, and decide to link you? That's just SO confusing, since . . . well . . . to the best of my knowledge, you don't post in Spanish. Or Argentinian. Very confusing. But hey! Props is props, right?

I loved Greatest American Hero. It was such a cute show. And that tune was catchy.


duff said...

bricotrout: i must bow to the master- i had to look it up.

motherdear: aw, shucks.

larry: believe me when i say i've shown up on stranger searches- wait'll you get a load of the list i've got going for next week.

people are freaks.

kunstemaecker: was that a comment, or a figment of my imagination?

callie: since my panish is not up to snuff, and my portuguese is....well...nonexistant, i'm puzzled too. flattered, but a little puzzled.