Sunday, August 07, 2005

what goes in.......

it's been awhile since i last messed around with blogthings or quizilla. however, i recently found this on kiki's blog:


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

after taking the above test, i wandered over to blogthings to see if they had anything new and interesting up for grabs. this looked promising, until i realized they didn't really list anything i could conceivably consider myself addicted to. (actually, i was hoping they'd mention "potato chips", but that could just be because i've wolfed down half a bag of lay's sea salt and pepper chips (brought back from canada) in the past half an hour.)

i do not normally have this problem. in fact, were it not for canada, i could live quite happily without potato chips. (actually, let me also blame the utz company of hanover, pennsylvania, as i grew up on their delightful crab chips (flavored with old bay seasoning) and rippled sour cream and onion chips. however, the blame lies mostly with canada.)

most folks go to canada to take advantage of their cheap medications. i go for the chips. (well, for sightseeing, too, but i can easily claim that i have never returned from a trip to canada without at least a couple of bags of potato chips.) down here in south carolina, we get the usual mainstream flavors- the many wonderful varieties of doritoes (which are so addictive that i try not to even bring them into the apartment, lest i wipe out a bag of nacho cheesier whilst lounging on the couch...which is what i used to do back in the days when i had free time.), andy capp's fries (also wiped out easily if they make it into the pantry), and potato chips in original, barbeque, sour cream and onion, ranch, cheddar, and salt and vinegar flavors. nothing outrageously exciting there- you can pick them up in most parts of the country.

however, our neighbors to the north have been holding out on us.

i'm working my way through sea salt and pepper, but i could have just as easily brought in dill pickle chips, rippled buffalo wing chips, smokey bacon chips, all dressed chips (though i'm still trying to work out which flavors are involved in the making of that variety.), roasted chicken chips, or (this one intrigued me so much that i bought 5 bags) lobster flavored chips from prince edward island.

perhaps with a little more devotion to the cause, i could have shopped around and found the fries n' gravy chips i bought last year.....or the hot dog flavored chips from a few years ago. (note to self: saving the chips for longer than a couple of months is not a good idea.)

ketchup chips, while still considered "exotic" around here, are a little easier to come by- you can find them in maine, as well as on the other side of the border. (humpty dumpty- one of the producers of these unusual chip flavors- also used to offer sour cream and clam flavored chips, which were far more tasty than one might expect.)

with all of these palate-pleasing choices available, i suppose it's for the best that i only manage to get my hands on such variety twice a year.

speaking of my recent trip (and of the bathroom posts i've been compelled to put up lately), i noticed several photo-worthy shots while out and fact, there are too many for the photo blog, so i'll make you suffer through them here:

f-stop makes a pit stop at an outhouse near calais, maine.

the restrooms at the a&w restaurant in st. stephen, new brunswick

i'm leaving this one for my canadian friends to identify (think gas stations).

this festive restroom was found near harrisburg, pennsylvania. the christmas lights ran around the perimeter of the ceiling, and there were dead flowers everywhere. (my dad's wife would have been proud.)

no bathrooms in tomorrow's post- i promise.


.: raven :. said...

i guess i am a pretty "normal" chip kinda girl. regular and sour cream and onion are about as far as i go.

and thank you for posting the picture of the bathroom in harrisburgh. i have never seen a men's urinal and now my life is complete.


duff said...

i tried not to get too close to it- boys are gross.

i also tried to take a picture of the flower-festooned "personal item" dispenser, but it didn't turn out. what a pity.

Anonymous said...

Heeyyyy...thanks for the blogroll, yo! :)

duff said...

no problem- it saves me having to type in your address each time i want to see what you've been up to.

ltlme said...

what about fstop update on his page?

duff said...

f-stop update? on his gnomads page? i'm not there yet. hoever, i should have some of bodhi's trip pictures up at some point this week.

ltlme said...

did the disk that i put the pics on work on your system?

duff said...

haven't tried it yet, but the pictures we pulled off mama's camera worked just fine

ltlme said...

oh, just wondering if mine were compatable.

NYPuglia81 said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by to check out my page! It's nice to meet you :) I like how your website fades into each page. How did you do that? lol

Anonymous said...

Lay's are Canadian? I thought they were American?

I love their Barbecue, Mexican Pepper and cream, Thai sweet chili, paprika, oooohhhh !!

Kal said...

Hey, pictures of bathrooms? That's my schtick!

And I didn't even know Peter Jennings was sick. Too bad.

duff said...

ny: it's a secret....only my web guru knows, i'm afraid. there's probably something in the source coding for it, though.

kunstemaecker: i believe it's the canadian division of the american company.

out of all those flavors you've mentioned, "barbecue" is the only one i've seen.

kal: then you'll be thrilled to know i actually have photos of two more bathroom doors to post. when's your birthday? perhaps that'll be my gift to you....bathroom photos. :~)

freewriter said...

at first i thought that those lights in the bathroom were holes from shotgun blasts and that the light was coming in from outside!

Digitalicat said...

Hey, I know that Kiki! <sniff /> Our little girl is all grown up now.