Saturday, August 13, 2005

two former pop stars, two weddings, and one exhausted dj

i'm exhausted. (one of these days, i'll suggest that emotion to unky moods, as i'm tired of putting, well, tired.)

i was out too late, had to get up too usual routine. however, i may be able to get in a decent nap this afternoon- after work and schlepping around with about a hundred avon catalogs (excuse me- brochures), of course.

after my paid babysitting gig last night, i went to check on my usual evening playmate, who was being cared for by s.o., who hasn't babysat in a while and was a bit nervous. (i told him it would be good "daddy training" for several years down the road (like 30 or so- though we didn't talk numbers). anyway, i wanted to make sure everyone was safe and sound and tucked in......and i wanted to take advantage of the downtime to check in on my fellow bloggers and statcounter. (for the record, i come up on some seriously crazy searches. i may have to make "you searched for what???" a weekly thing.)

anyway, after a little quality time with the computer, i headed out to the living room to flip through channels while waiting for the little woman's daddy to get home from his gig. i flipped past several old films i didn't recognize, a couple of infomercials, a handful of news stations (i wasn't in the mood), something featuring larry king and a guy who may or may not have been elvis' former lover- i didn't stick around long enough to find out, though i did note that it was apparently in honor of the anniversary of elvis' death. (i wonder if they had the parade in kansas city yet.....jamie? are you skulking around, by any chance?)

and there it was. i had no idea what i'd been missing out on.

there, on the tv screen, almost as large as life, was a sad incarnation of bobby brown, mocking some message that had been left on his voicemail and looking very much like the sad, aging former pop star that he most certainly is.

don't get me wrong, i like bobby brown.........from about 15-20 years ago. "my prerogative"? dig it. "every little step"? right there with ya', bobby. "don't be cruel"? "if it isn't love"? one of my favorites.

(ok, readers- who'll catch my intentional error first? kal or bricotrout?)

anyway, between watching bobby's juvenile antics, and seeing whitney houston as a shadow of her former self (i can assume the idle singing in the clothing store last night was staged to prove the girl's still got her pipes. i mean, really- how real are reality shows? i can't say i've ever really been into them......season two of the real world, excepted.), perching on a chair and telling their well-fed young daughter that she would not be leaving the store with a skirt the size of my washcloth, not to mention the very flamboyant shirtless guy who wandered in as i changed channels........i'm afraid i was not impressed.

i had to get out of that viewing situation- fast.

a few channels later, i was reminded of my fondness for four weddings and a funeral. sure, i like the movie a lot- always have......however, i think this viewing was different from the rest- probably because i was trying to recover from the train wreck that is bobby and whitney's sad little program.

i stuck around for two weddings, and then daddy walked in the door and i walked out, drove home, and crawled into bed for a four-hour nap. during the trip home, i was surprisingly awake, probably because i was busy pondering how bobby and whitney managed to talk anyone into putting together this show. (then again, i'm told there are people who *gasp* actually watched britney discuss her sex life on tv (excuse me- i think i just threw up in my mouth a little), as well as jessica simpson's great "tuna or chicken?" debate.)

this is what i've missed by having neither cable t.v. nor the time to sit down and watch it?

i think i'd rather have a nap.


bricotrout said...

idle? idol? in this case its interchangable isnt it.

duff said...

actually, i was going for "idle"- she was singing while looking at a hat or shir or something like that.

i don't know that whitney's been anyone's idol in several years.

Kal said...

Hmmm... consulting my Bobbie Brown CD collection (I frickin' hate My Prerogative... whiny stupid song...) I would note that "If it isn't love" is technically a New Edition song.

While we did give the world Aerosmith, The Cars, Til Tuesday, The Dropkick Murphys and any number of other bands, I believe was have a lot to beg forgiveness for; inlcuding Bobby Brown and NKOTB.


duff said...

yes, kal, it is technically a new edition song, but bobby brown was in new edition.....for a while.

bricotrout said...

is THAT what i was supposed to get??
boy! im GLAD i failed!

duff said...


actually, you were supposed to get that bobby wasn't a part of new edition by the time they released "if it isn't love"- he left about a year earlier to persue his solo career.

Justin said...

Just found your blog thru Danika's links. Really nice blog, I'm gonna' have to read thru the archive!

I noticed you have a photo blog, but I can't see it here at work (the images are blocked) so I'll check it out later.


duff said...

ooh! a new face! how exciting.

welcome, justin.