Thursday, August 11, 2005

you searched for what??? (part two)

more interesting ways to (apparently) find me:

wet his pants

i'm more than a little concerned about this one, as it's come up several times before. however, i was somewhat relieved to see that my blog didn't pop up until result #95. the notion that the searcher probably checked out at least some of the other 94 results before mine leads me to believe he/she has a little too much free time on his/her hands.

schoolgirl blogs

even yahoo has a hard time believing i'm out of school, apparently.

i am more than a little concerned that out of the four results for this search, the two that were not my blog were for websites of a questionable nature.

perhaps this is an indication that i should change my profile picture to something involving a short, pleated skirt and pigtails.

(however, i will not follow britney and wind up knocked up by an unemployed gold digger who, quite frankly, isn't "all that" anyway.)

You can't take that picture

the poor soul who consulted yahoo on this topic found my blog without even having to click to the second page of results.

above wont fall down

i'm assuming that this is from either an inxs fan (though a fan probably wouldn't have to search for this) or else chicken little seeking reassurance.

i'm pleased to see i'm the first result out of over three million, though.

brandon lee's house

i'm sixth on this search- though i probably would have been higher were it not for tommy lee (and "all your trailer park are belong to us").

Amanda Peet foot soles

okay there, foot fetishist. since you did this search before i posted my last entry on the greek googler, i can only conclude that there's some sort of underground cult of folks with an unnatural interest in amanda peet's feet.

didn't i read somewhere that she's engaged? sorry, boys and girls- guess her feet are already spoken for.

(by the way, i am somewhat disappointed to learn that i'm the fourth result for this search. after all i've done for you people, i'm fourth???? i'll have to work on that.)

Duff and WNOK

this one was a local search. unfortunately, my section of the wnok page got all screwed up when the higher-ups recently switched us to a different template. however, i'm pleased to see the search resulted in multiple options- like heading straight to my blog.

i beat hilary duff for once! yay, me!

(before i let this one go, let me air a long-running pet peeve: due to an e.e. cummings fixation (among other things), i don't capitalize "duff"..... despite microsoft word's long-running attempt to convince me otherwise. go ahead and say it- i'm a little high maintenance.)

looking for nothing but a good time

this lurker was checking in from mexico. here's the important question: was he searching for poison lyrics, or internet porn? either way, this guy (or gal) did some serious digging to find me- i didn't see myself anywhere on the first ten pages of results.

is Gwen Stefani divorced

strangely enough, this search pointed a curios texan to my post on gwen getting engaged. (i believe this was during my since-abandoned "decluttering" project, when i shared news from back issues of rolling stone and the like.)

speaking of rolling stone, i came in a couple of spots after some rolling stone article with a passing mention of gwen stefani.

anne marie duff for a british actress, and somehow wind up here. stranger things have happened, i suppose.


woo-hoo! according to msn, i'm the seventh most important result for this search. celebratory drinks are on me, gang.

el chico calories

thanks to a comment, i come in fourth here.

should this health-conscious oklahoman pass through my blog again, let me just give one piece of advice: screw calories- try the top shelf chicken and mushroom quesadilla.

birds on a wire hardscrabble

hmm...somewhere out there, a new yorker is actually curious about a local south carolina restaurant...and it looks like they became sidetracked by my blog.

that's another notch on my keyboard.

Baltimore megaride adidas

i guess this industrious barazilian wanted to save a little time. instead of conducting two separate searches, he/she took the unusual approach and combined the two topics into one google. surprisingly, i was neither the only nor the first result.


Larry said...

I have yet to even try to google myself.

ltlme said...

same here

duff said...

i've never come up as a result for myself. or at least, not in the first 15 pages of results. it's always a combination of hilary duff and duff this result was a bit shocking.