Sunday, June 26, 2005

musical geekery, part deux

due to popular demand (well, lack of complaints, actually), i've come up with another 5 pairs of bands for you to mess around with. your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to find the links between the following:

general public --->fine young cannibals
english beat --->big audio dynamite (the pair above contains a clue)
the doors ---> simple minds
duran duran ---> a-ha
madonna --->cyndi lauper (this one's for kal)

you know, all of these 80s groups have inspired me to share this with you:

i got a perfect score on the music section. (how about you, kal?)

here's another 80s quiz:

perhaps one of these days, i'll get that 80s page on wnok set up.......but not today.

by the way, while blogsurfing today, i came upon a couple of interesting blogs.

here's the first...........and here's the second.

enjoy, gang.

oh, and my fan called in today, but he was quite same. so, instead, here's a classic offering from him.


ltlme said...

Score: 93

Good job...You're so rad you can actually gag a spoon!

Larry said...

As we already know I am Claire(I know I should probably go back and try again but, what's the point).

I scored a 70 on the ultimate 80's thingy. I missed 3 music questions and did the best on the movie part.

duff said...

ah, but larry- this is different from that other brat pack quiz. therefore, you must take this

Larry said...

I ended up as Blaine from pretty in pink(Andrew McCarthy's character).

Kal said...

"I was last in my class
Barely passsed at the institute
Now I'm trying to avoid,
yah I'm trying to avoid
A malpractise suit"


"Some girls like to buy new shoes
And others like drivin' trucks and wearing tattoos
There's only one thing that they all like a bunch
Oh, girls, they want to have lunch
Oh, girls just want to have lunch"

There, there's Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. (Cyndi did the theme song to which seminal '80s movie?)

80's quiz: 98 (missed the Fraggle Rock dog and that Paul Riser was Axel Foley's friend in Beverly Hills Cop. Hey -- I lived through this crap...)

and, as to the characters:

Holee crap, I'm Clark Griswold...

Oh, that's it, my life's over...

duff said...

larry: would you believe i have never seen pretty in pink in its entirety?

kal: *applauds*

i knew you'd catch it this time.(by the way, mister thinks-he-can-stump-me, she did the theme song to "goonies"- "goonies r good enough", or something to that effect. i'm too lazy to look it up.)

hard to believe you missed "sprocket". fraggle rock is on dvd now- go get it for the kids. i'd let you borrow my copies, but i haven't even watched them yet.

and you could do worse than clark griswold- you could've been randy quaid's annoying character in the nat'l lampoon movies.

Kal said...

MY kids actually have an old fraggle rock video I got from a former boss. I run from the room when it comes on. But I love the Muppets, so I guess I was just too old when the fraggles came on.

Told Wifeypooh I came out Clark Griswold, she thought that was about right (oh the indignity).

I really wanted to be Cameron from Ferris Bueller...

(I really liked his house)

Mossy Stone said...

Damn. I'm Blaine, too. I was really aiming for Clark Griswold.

Larry said...

he was a john huhges character?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I shouldn't have sworn off MTV back in 1985. I'd be much better at this game.

Shelly said...

I surfed in via Blog Explosion. Just wanted to tell you I love what you did with this template.

sojourning crow said...

i got the silver cube too 78%. yeeeaaaa