Sunday, June 05, 2005

adventures in driving and devotion, part 2

before i get today's post underway, let me share with you the latest tidbit from my overzealous listener:


i'm flattered, i think. (no, not really)

since i've only been here an hour this morning , i haven't fielded any of his calls yet today.....but i'm sure they're coming. (no pun intended.)

if you scroll down, you'll notice i also added that phone call from earlier this week to this post.

some people have way too much free time on their hands. thank goodness i'm not high enough on the totem pole to get sent out on remotes- i'm sure he'd show up to say "hi"- and probably try to whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

while i'm giving you updates, i am pleased to report that my tire is finally in (3 weeks later), and should be on my car later this morning. (they don't know about the nail i picked up in my front driver's side tire- it'll be a happy surprise for them. shhhh!) i have no idea where i keep picking up nails- it's not like i'm cruising around construction areas on my lunch break, ogling the construction workers. (well, not every day, anyway.)

since my car is being taken care of while i'm slaving away at the radio station, i am driving the dreaded automatic suv. as you may recall from my last encounter with this blasted vehicle, i am not an automatic kind of girl. i drive a stick- period. i'm used to numbered gears and stuff, which is part of what led to a little confusion the last time. however, i am pleased to report that all is fine and well with the suv's transmission- i didn't screw things up badly enough to cause it to fall out or explode or anything. (knock on wood). so, before i left for work this morning, i had to pass a brief test:

is there a clutch in this car?

uh, no?

right. so, does your left foot need to do anything?

it needs to hold the floor mat in place?

yes. why is there a circle around the "d" for "drive"?

it means "overdrive", which means i shouldn't use it.

*exasperated sigh* no. it means "use this gear".

oh. what about the numbers? 2 worked pretty well last time, though i couldn't get it about 60mph.

maybe i should drop you off.

just kidding- it wasn't that bad. since the countdown that precedes me was ending early, i grabbed the keys, promised not to break the car, and made it to work without incident.

well, i got a little peeved at the guy in front of me who was too busy talking on his cell phone (complete with hand gestures- as if the other person was actually in the car or something) to drive, but after several deep breaths and a couple of loud verbal observations about his driving skills (and, i'll admit, a hand gesture or two of my own), i was fine.

okay, time for some real work........though i imagine i'll be back later to add to this.

and so i am. check this out.

after my air shift at wnok, i wander across the hall and run the kim komando show on one of our sister stations. this is something she talked about today.

have you ever checked your counter to see the strange ways people wind up on your blog? someone today did a search for "pee next stall" and i popped up. i can't decide whether to be pleased i ranked so highly on a search, or to be slightly disturbed that not only did someone perform a search on that topic, but that i came up first on that sort of search.

sometimes, i think you folks out there are more than a little odd.

okay, back to better procrastination through surfing the net......


Marwa said...

I really like your blog. Visit mine sometime :)

duff said...

i'm glad you liked what you saw enough to leave a comment.

thanks for stopping by.

Digitalicat said...

That fan is awesome. We definitely need more of that guy. Can you get him to talk dirty to you?

duff said...

um, digi, did you read the part in the old post about how he called me with a school teacher fantasy and had to hang up because he was so....inspired?

about twice a month he inquires about the state of my underwear, shares with me his great fondness for "sexy" songs, or makes some veiled reference to my voice fueling his fantasies-usually all in one phone call. i'll try to remember to record and post it next time- as long as it's not too......*searching for a delicate euphemism* R rated.

.: raven :. said...

i couldn't hear the fan phone call .. not sure but i have windows ME and a very lame dial up connection.

and why yes, i do check my stat counters ... hehe

duff said...

raven: i can't hear it on this computer, either....though i heard it just fine on one of the other ones in the building.

i'll try to repost it and see if that helps.

to the best of my knowledge, the other phone calls play properly.

thanks for stopping by.

Digitalicat said...

Yeah, I did miss the old post.

Get him to do all that again so we can have audio.

Larry said...

Wow, 2 lesbians. That was worse than most of my jokes. I definitely think you need to make this a regular thing. That guy is horrible and great at the same time.

duff said...

he's been honing his skills for *thinking* nearly five years now. (though i'm sure he started way before i came to town.)

i'm sure he'll have some new little tidbits for me next weekend, thought, strangely enough, i didn't hear from him during my sunday shift.

perhaps he was out finding god...or a friend.

Anonymous said...

Candy!. I love it, it is nice to get a little attention, not the type that requires filing any paper work, but enjoy.

duff said...

so far, he seems harmless, though i certainly won't be going out of my way to meet him anytime least not without mr. t by my side.

thanks for stopping by.

Digitalicat said...

Mr. T! That's awesome. "I pity the fool that hassles Duff!"